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10 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

Business Ideas

Starting a business from home can allow you to make extra money whilst fitting in with your current job and commitments. You’ve probably been thinking about it but you haven’t got round to making it happen. 

Well, it’s time to make it happen with these 10 home business ideas that you can easily start with just a few hours of your time a week and that will add to your income.


1. Creating information products

If you have experience with a specific niche, you can start sell your knowledge by creating eBooks or instructional videos. The only cost you’ll incur are your time, domain name and website hosting.

2. Blogging

Just like creating information products, if you’re familiar with a specific topic, you can start a blog. You can earn money by selling ad space, becoming an affiliate, or starting a subscription service within around 12 months if you’re consistent. Furthermore, companies are looking for individuals to test and review their products. So, you can also start your own blog where you review products in a certain niche.

3. Social-media consultant

There’s always someone on the lookout for people to manage and maintain their social media channels for them. Some of these businesses pay R3000 month+ for these services.

4. Project management

Believe it or not, not all businesses have in-house project managers. And because projects can quickly get off-track, they’re willing to hire outside project managers to keep their teams focused.

5. Catering

If you’re an great cook, but don’t want to invest in a restaurant, you can start your own catering business directly from your own kitchen.

6. Flipping websites

You can use a site like Flippa where you can purchase a website, build-it-up, and sell it. It’s actually a lucrative business. 

7. Bookkeeper

Not all businesses and individuals have the time to keep their files neat and tidy. Most hire someone to keep their books in order for them. 

8. Business planning

If you’ve created a successful business then you can actually make your experience and knowledge into a new business. New business owners pay for someone to help guide them in developing their own successful business plan.

9. Homemade natural soaps and beauty products

In case you didn’t notice, this is a thriving business. And, if you don’t feel comfortable making your own natural soaps and beauty products then you can drop ship for companies that do.

10. Online dating consultant

More and more people are using online dating. However, it can be overwhelming when starting out. If you have experience, then people would definitely be willing to pay for your advice.

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