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10 Ways to Save Water

save water

With poor rainfall and extremely low dam levels, it’s more important than ever to save water. Whether you’re ready to replace your lawn with water-wise plants or bath from a bucket instead of showering, every effort to save water counts. You don’t have to do everything listed below. However, you can pick out a few things, and help save hundreds of litres from going to waste.



10 Ways to save water in your home

1. Don’t use the toilet as a wastebasket or ashtray: Every time you flush a facial tissue, cigarette butt or other small bit of trash, you waste 15 to 20 litres of water.

2. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth: This can save as much as 6 litres of water per minute.

3. Install a cistern displacement device in your toilet cistern:  This helps reduce the volume of water you use in each flush. 

4. Take a shorter shower: The shorter the shower, the less water you’ll use. Shower can use anything between 6 and 45 litres per minute.

5. Check your toilets for leaks: The easiest way is to place a little food coloring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the color begins to appear in the bowl within 30 minutes, you need to have a leak repaired immediately. 

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6. Only use full loads in your dishwasher or washing machine: Avoid running the dishwasher or washing machine until it’s full. Those unnecessary washes add up to thousands of litres of wasted water.

7. Fix all dripping taps: A dripping tap wastes about 15 litres of water a day. This is 5,500 litres of water a year.
A temporal solution while you wait to permanently fix is to collect this water and use it to water your plants, clean your car and wash your windows.

8. Water your garden with a watering: Hosepipes use 1,000 litres of water an hour. You can also mulching your plants (with bark chippings or straw) and water in the early morning and late afternoon. Mulching helps reduce evaporation but also saves water.

9. Fill a jug with tap water and refrigerate: This will mean you won’t have to leave the cold tap running for the water to run cold before you fill your glass.

10. If you’re hand-washing dishes, fill up your sink with water, instead of letting it run while you’re scrubbing.

Water is a precious resource and we all have to learn how to use it carefully.


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    Diana Studer


    Please flush with the grey water you collect in the shower.
    And save the fresh water which would have been wasted.
    We need to use less than 100 litres per person per day.


    • Avatar



      Thanks Diana


    • Avatar



      Thanks so much Diana
      All water saving tips are most welcome. Especially for us living in the cape
      Please keep sharing


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