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11 Ways Your Body Is Trying To Tell You It Needs Something!


With our modern day stressful lives we often push health issues to the side and ignore them or we simply justify it with a fleeting excuse.

The truth be told however is that these signs and symptoms are often an indication of an ‘insufficiency’ somewhere in the body … yes, it is an actual symptom and not just a pesky problem.

Here are 11 common ways in which your body is trying to tell you that something is off key

If you pay attention, you’ll know that you need to visit a health care practitioner or Functional Medicine doctor. Your body needs help, so please just stop …and listen!

The best multi-mineral your body needs

The best multi-mineral your body needs

  1. Dandruff – A lack of Zinc
  2. Psoriasis – A lack of Vitamin D
  3. Poor wound healing – A lack of Vitamin C and Zinc
  4. Cold sores – A lack of Vitamin E
  5. Acne – A lack of Vitamin C and Zinc
  6. Cracks On The Mouth Edges – A lack of Vitamin B2
  7. Dermatitis – A lack of vitamin B6 and B3
  8. Eczema – A lack of probiotics and essentially fatty acids
  9. Bumps on arms – A lack of Vitamin A and Zinc
  10. Ageing Skin – A lack of anti-oxidants and CoQ10
  11. Dry skin – A lack of Vitamins A and C and possible dehydration 

Whilst the above is meant purely as a general guideline, it’s always advised that you consult a medical practitioner for the best advice on nutraceutical supplements, diet and lifestyle changes required to correct these conditions.

Simply ignoring skin conditions will not make them go away, they are indicators of what is happening on the inside and will therefore require some time and investment to correct.

A healthy body is a happy body!



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