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15 Awesome Gym Partner Signs You Should Look Out For

gym partner

Getting into a gym routine and sticking to it can be hard especially when you’re doing it alone. It could be a lack of motivation or simply just laziness.

But because it’s not easy to cancel on a friend who’s counting on you, it’s better to find a gym partner. In fact, a study by University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine shows that when you exercise with a partner, you can improve weight-loss results significantly. So, here are a few signs to look out for in a great gym BFF.


15 signs of a long lasting beneficial fitness friendship. You:

1. Help each other wake up very early to fit in a workout even if it means 5am calls or texts.
2. Motivate each other even on cold, rainy days. Even after a rough workout and all you want to do it head home, your gym partner says, “let’s do our last ab set!”.
3. Always feel a bit burnt out on the same days, so you do a light workout together.
4. Push through your lazy days. When you’re feeling lazy and your workout partner isn’t, he or she makes you bring it.
5. Call them before your dinner date for suggestions on what to eat that won’t look weird but will still follow your shared healthy eating plan.
6. Take a new gym class together and quietly laugh to yourselves the entire time.
7. Are the envy of other gym goers are envious, obviously wishing they had such a great fitness friendship!

Pilates Gymnic Plus Balls

8. Get celebratory coffee after a great session and that’s sometimes the best part of your day.
9. Both hate bananas in smoothies, but still include them anyway because that’s just thought to be right.
10. Discovered foam rollers together and trade tips on where it hurts and helps the most.
11. Share your car journeys with your pre-workout mix you happily made and would never share with anyone else!
12. Enjoy finding brand new music that will get you both ready before a workout.
13. Get approving nods as you and your partner rock out your routines on a regular basis.
14. Have fun going for the gym’s brand-new piece of equipment together.
15. Have a hard time accepting that you actually look forward to your workouts on most days.

If you prefer to work out alone, I urge you to read the list again. You’ll see that yes, you are your own best friend! Here’s to finding a gym partner and most importantly building a long lasting friendship.

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