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Three Amazing Benefits of Using a Foam Roller

I just LOVE the foam roller. Too often, we go to the gym, push ourselves as hard as possible, and then we’re too lazy to stretch. I emphasize that it is so important to stretch your muscles after a strenuous workout!

I have listed 3 benefits of foam rolling that will make you re-think those last 10 minutes at the gym.


1.  Foam rolling speeds up muscle recovery

When exercising, our muscles are prone to shortening which makes it difficult to effectively exercise and often causes a lot of pain. Foam rolling helps lengthen the muscles, leaving you well recovered and a lot more flexible.

2. Cellulite!

Every ladies biggest insecurity- Cellulite! Foam Rolling increases the blood flow throughout the body which helps the reduction of those horrible dimples. Over time, it leads to better overall cellular functioning and depletion of waste products in the body.

3. Self Massage

Otherwise known as ‘Myofascial rolling’. Unless you’re a lady of leisure, we don’t have the time to go for a sports massage every few days, because we are so busy sitting behind our desks working. So think of Foam Rolling as an ‘express massage’ that can be done within 10-15 minutes, anywhere you have a foam roller in reach and a comfortable spot to lay on

Gym Outfit Details:

Top: Cotton On
Leggings: Forever 21
Sneakers: Nike

Foam Roller Exercise Ideas

Picture taken from www.pixgood.com

Picture taken from www.pixgood.com


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    These rollers are fabulous.


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      I know 🙂 they have changed the way we think about stretching our bodies


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