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5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Drinking Fulvic Water!

You are probably wondering what all the hype around drinking fulvic water is… You are also probably wondering ‘what is fulvic water?’ and ‘why should I be drinking it?’… Don’t worry, we had the same questions, and so we turned to the Mi Fulvic Water team to give us those answers.

These days, there are so many ‘healthy waters’ on the market, but what most of us don’t see is how it is made, the amount of sugars and preservatives that are put into these waters and the lack of vitamins that they so freely indicate on the bottles but are not actually included in the beverage. Mi Fulvic Water’s commitment to what is displayed on the bottle is exactly what is inside.

What Is MiWATER?

MiWATER is a Mineral Water or “Miracle Water”, a revolutionary beverage harnessing the power of natural Fulvic and also Humic Acid with pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to produce possibly the ultimate natural hydration beverage. MiWATER is sugar-free, preservative-free, and has a ph of 8.5+.

Five Things You Should Know About Fulvic Acid

Be honest. If you’re an average Joe or Jane, you likely haven’t heard about Fulvic acid. But there’s growing interest and research around it, primarily because of its incredible potential for improving how our bodies function.

Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids found in soil organic matter, in rock sediment and aquatic environments. Fulvic acid is increasingly being used as a supplement because of its incredible benefits – it has even been credited as a hangover cure!

1. Great For Sports And Exercise

Your muscles produce lactic acid when they run out of oxygen, resulting in discomfort and muscle fatigue. Fulvic minerals consist of 45% oxygen, which fuels muscle activity, reduces muscle fatigue and lactic acid build up and improves recovery rate. This makes a fulvic acid supplement ideal for general training and high-level sports activity. In fact, many high-performance athletes already look to oxygen supplements to enhance muscle performance.

2. Helps With Food Nutrient Absorption

Fulvic acids are supercarriers of various critical minerals. They may be able to move up to 60 times their weight in minerals into the body’s cells in the process called mineral uptake. This is potentially significant in combating mineral deficiencies on a mass scale. For example, Iron and Calcium deficiencies are a major global cause of health problems. The foods we eat have become more processed and mass-produced, and many are less nutrient-rich than they once were. Our bodies need more assistance in extracting these nutrients from our food, which is where Fulvic acid’s benefits come into play. Fulvic acids often be present in some foods such as organic vegetables and blackstrap molasses. 

3. Manages Free Radicals

Fulvic minerals are a highly effective anti-oxidant as they are uniquely capable of neutralizing both negative and positive charged free radicals. Free radicals occur during normal oxygen metabolism but can cause serious damage through a process called oxidative stress. An anti-oxidants role in neutralizing these free radicals makes it important to heart and skin health and in helping lower the risk of infections, heart disease, and some cancers.

4. Sparks Electrolytes

Fulvic minerals are the best electrolyte known to man. Electrolytes help control the body’s hydration and micro-electrical cell activity and good hydration is necessary for us to perform at our best and feel energized.

5. Strengthens Bone, Hair, And Joints

Fulvic minerals dissolve silica and carry the benefits to our joints (those amazing absorption skills again). Silica plays a vital role in assisting the connective tissue for healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. The basic end result is that collagen becomes available also, for building stronger joints.

Ongoing research may uncover even more of the minerals’ benefits. There have been promising avenues of research linked to diabetes treatment, for example. The good news is that Fulvic acid is already available to us in supplement form and in the on-shelf drink MiWATER, which has a distinctive black color, due to its Humic acid component. In one form or another, Fulvic acid is worth a closer look.

Where Can I Purchase This Product?

MiWATER is available at Dis-Chem and Wellness Warehouse nationwide for R14.99


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