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6 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

6 Ways To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

It’s almost a month into the new year and most of us are already making big changes. The only problem with all these changes, especially the healthy ones, is that they usually don’t last. 

By the time you hit March, you’re fighting about gym membership cancellation fees and you’ve scrapped off the healthy eating plan. Doesn’t it leave you discouraged the following year when you want to give it another shot? It should. However, there are a few things you can do this year to ensure your healthy eating new year’s resolutions stick. Here are five tips that will set yourself up from success from the get-go this year.


1.  Kettle, pots and pans should be set the night before

You have to keep reminding yourself to eat a healthy breakfast as soon as you wake up. Phone reminders don’t work.
You have to ensure your kettle is ready to boil, your pots and pans are ready to use and your olive oil or coconut oil within reach. A great tip is to have a jar of nuts and dried fruit within grabbing distance which will make cooking in the morning more pleasurable and convenient.

2. Make your fruit bowl visible

It helps to have big fruit bowl filled with a variety of fresh fruits. This will help you remember to have your fruit as you can easily grab and go. It’s important to ensure it’s filled with easy-eating fruits such as bananas, apples and pears. Pineapples will put you off. You can also add veggies such as tomatoes and carrots that you can easily toss into a nutrient-rich smoothie.

3. Hide all unhealthy treats 

Keeping treats such as a packet of chips or a chocolate bar  at arm’s length is the easiest way to set yourself up for failure.  When you spot something tempting in your kitchen, you can’t help but to grab it and eat it. You then realise after eating it that you’re weren’t even hungry. You just ate it because, it presented itself.  Well, that’s human nature. Therefore, pack all foods that you know tempt you and ensure that you hide them at the back of your fridge or cupboards. This will help you to forget about them.

4. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy

Nobody wants to cook from a dirty kitchen. In fact, studies have shown that dirty, untidy kitchens encourage unhealthy eating. So, try not to leave leave wrappers on your counter tops, dirty dishes in the sink, or newspapers on your kitchen table. If you don’t live alone, share your goals and the importance of keeping your kitchen neat and organised with everyone. 

6. Make your kitchen entertainment-free

A TV or an entertainment unit in your kitchen can be a major distraction which often encourages you to eat more. Your kitchen has to be a place to cook and eat only. Therefore, if you have a TV in your kitchen, it’s time to remove it.

With these few tips, we can do it. Here’s to sticking to our new year’s resolutions!


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