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Six ways to prevent wrinkles:  When I think of the year 2019, amongst all the positive thoughts, there are also some ‘not so positive’ thoughts that come to mind. We live in a very stressful society where we face emotional and physical obstacles in our daily lives. Many of us are under such great strain in all eight areas of our dimensions of Wellness.

Have you heard about the dimensions of wellness?  They include: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational and social. Most of us struggle with one, or most of these areas daily.

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies, and at the end of the day, we must remember that we are only human. Plus, we are doing the best that we can with all the ways and means available to us.

Physical Appearance 

I have always stood by my belief of “when I look good, I feel good”. While this may seem mundane in some way, it is so much more than that. What I mean, is that, when I feel good, I am positive and happy. Plus, I am motivated, and the circle keeps on turning… If everything feels right, the eight dimensions of wellness start to shift from a negative into a positive. One life and one body are all we have, making our time of the essence. Looking and feeling your best should be an absolute priority. 

There Is Nothing Conceited About Feeling Good

This is where my blog idea originated.

I woke up the other day and looked at myself in the mirror, and all I noticed was a big frown and more wrinkles than usual, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror!  It resembled the hardships I face daily.  I didn’t feel good about myself.  I felt as if I was so busy fighting the dimensions of wellness that impact me negatively, that I have forgotten about enjoying the things that make me feel beautiful. Finally,  I decided I was going to slow down my ageing process by looking after me a little better. 

Looking Good = Feeling Good = Self-Love

I started doing some research on what I can do to start looking after myself better.  Coming across unusual natural ways to ensure my well-being is adequate. Plus I found ideas to keep me looking youthful. 

1. Nutrition 


Yes, you have heard it several times, but have you changes your eating habits yet? Is your answer is no? Then you need to carry on reading that eating your fruits and vegetables are essential in every diet! If you don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables, then find an alternative way to get them in like smoothie bowls, fresh juices, and plant-based treats. 

2. Stay Hydrated 



I know what you’re thinking… But have you increased your water intake? Freshwater is essential in our lives! If you can’t manage to drink enough water, make it fun by adding lemons or strawberries, or having herbal tea with a little honey.

3. Vitamins & Supplements


Go back to the basics, we should be getting all our vitamins from the foods we eat, but unfortunately, this is sometimes not enough. Vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega Oils, Collagen and Zinc are all great. These vitamins will prevent wrinkles from forming on the face. 

4. Say No!


You know what’s right for you, and you know what is bad for you. Things like smoking and consuming alcohol in large quantities is not going to do you or your body any justice. Smoking not only damages your lungs, but it also promotes wrinkles to appear. 

5. You Cannot Put A Price Tag On Your Health and Beauty


Invest in YOU! Don’t ever feel guilty about spending money on things that bring you happiness. If you don’t like spending money on beautiful clothes or expensive skincare, why not change your thinking, and instead buy good quality in smaller quantities that splurge on bad quality in larger quantities. Good quality skincare products will help minimise signs of early ageing and also combat wrinkles.

6. Visit Your Nearest Skin Renewal 


Skin Renewal is a Medical Aesthetic Centre, where their best interest is to look put you in safe hands. The clinics are staffed by doctors who are experienced in cosmetic dermatology & aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments and are supported by a team of qualified and experienced therapists. 

Start with something like Botox ® & Dysport ® for preventing and reducing wrinkles, that is low risk, affordable and has no downtime, yet still shows incredible results.

skin renewal


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Skin renewal now offers the most up to date fillers, that prevent ageing and wrinkles

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