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A Composter For The True Gardener

composter for the true gardener

For the love of all that is green. Recylcing just gets easier and easier. We don’t want it to be a hassle or more effort to keep the planet green right? To all the true gardeners out there, here is something I will strongly advise to all true gardeners.

Easy to assemble, easy to understand instructions and pure joy as I get to turn all my garden refuse and kitchen organic waste into compost to put back into my garden. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Rich, dark, moist chocolate brown

Earthy damp sell of long fallen leaves on forest floors, wholesome goodness, the smell that you know carries and supports life and hope.

I’m a want to be fanatical gardener, that seldom gardens. I find my inspiration in home magazines and delicious garden books, stockpiling ideas for all the projects that I’d like to undertake. I guess I’m a gardener by delegation. My wonderful right hand man just shakes his head as I insist on the replanting of this or that as the desire takes me.

Moving to a townhouse inspired in me a need for “ garden spaces” .While it would never be a goal to support my family’s nutritional needs off the fruit of the earth provided in this small space, growing something you can pick and eat is so rewarding. Recycled palette growing trays have found their way into my yard where I have my very own herb shop. This is nothing quite like popping out the back door to pick a few greens to finish off a dish.

I too am a composter by delegation – instruction is afterall critical in these matters. Compost is something I think every good gardener should know how to make. And memories of my gran’s compost heap behind the tennis court, right at the bottom of the garden are as much of a memory of my youth as Sunday, soup and toasted sandwich dinners together.

The challenge comes in when you have a garden that is the size of a postage stamp and neighbours cheek by jowl on both sides.

Imagine my delight as I as looking through odds and ends in my sister’s garage and right before my eyes I saw a box, a pandora’s box of possibility. My eyes lit up

Right before me a bright and shiny new Keter Dynamic Turn & Go Composter. I bolted out the door back to my sister’s study gushing “ Where did you get it, how much was it? When are you going to set it up?” The words tumbled out as I dragged her back to see the treasure! She looked around “ What? Where? What are you talking about?”

“ The composter ofcourse! I’ve been dying for one of these for ages!” I blurted out.

“ Ohhhh that, I won it in a competition, I don’t want it, you can have it, been looking for a home for it in fact”

Those were magic words to my ears. Ten minutes later I was on my way back home with my precious cargo on board. Whoever said that intentions have infinite organising power knows exactly what they were talking about.

Easy to assemble, easy to understand instructions and pure joy as I get to turn all my garden refuse and kitchen organic waste into compost to put back into my garden. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Wonderful for any size garden, n mess, no fuss just lovely compost !


With greenest greetings



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