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Acne after puberty? Here’s how you should care for your skin

If you think your days of fighting acne are over because you’re beyond your teen-age years, think again. Although acne usually appears during puberty, those irritating pimples and whiteheads can plague you when you’re an adult too.

So what can you do to prevent acne from popping up on your face? Keep reading for details.

So what’s the science behind acne?

Acne begins under the skin in the oil producing “sebaceous glands.” These glands are usually small and inactive until puberty when hormone changes cause them to enlarge and secrete an oily substance called sebum. The sebum builds up, plugs the hair follicles in the skin, the follicles swell and you have acne. If bacteria grow in the sebum, the acne becomes irritated causing swelling and inflammation.

But you can unblock your follicles before they swell using Problem Skin Formula. It targets the four causes of skin problems: excessive oiliness, inflammation, bacterial overgrowth and poor skin health.

You see, Problem Skin Formula contains Vitamin A which maintains skin membranes. It also contains Guggulipid which is believed to reduce sebum secretion and inhibit bacterial growth associated with acne. Other ingredients include Zinc, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B12 which can help you maintain healthy skin.

If you already have acne, you can fight it with a few lifestyle changes.

Get your Problem Skin Formula here.

Four lifestyle changes you should make to improve your skin condition

1.Clean your face gently: Getting acne is not related to dirt. In fact, scrubbing can actually make your condition worse. Wash oily skin with water and a mild soap like Buchu Soap. it’s a natural vegetable oil soap with pure essential oils to nourish and moisturise the skin.

2.Eat a healthy diet, but chocolate is ok. You’ve probably heard that chocolate causes zits. But clinical studies have shown no scientific evidence linking certain foods and acne. A well-balanced diet will not only make you feel healthier but your skin will look healthier as well.

3.Keep your hands off your face:  Squeezing and picking at your pimples can lead to more swelling and redness.

4.Use water-based makeup: Oil based products will worsen your skin condition.

Don’t give up too soon. If you make these simple changes, you should see an improvement within two months.

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