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What You Should Be Adding To Your Braai

Heritage day is around the corner. If you love nothing more than standing at the braai, waiting for your favourite cut of meat, sizzling away cooking over the coals, watch out!  Did you know that high temperatures can cause changes in the meat that can increase your risk of developing cancer?  It’s true! But don’t despair, there’s a delicious way to change this!

How you can prevent cancer from cooking up on your braai

Researchers tested how using beer as a marinade can lower the amount of cancer-causing agents in your braai meat by 53%! The report which was posted by The Institute for Natural Healing says researchers marinated their meat in the beer for at least four hours. But it’s not just any beer. They tested three beer types:  A very dark beer, Pilsner and non-alcoholic Pilsner. Surprisingly, it’s the dark beer that came out on top in the way it prevents cancer-causing agents to form in your body.

So, please make sure you take your health into account when you’re enjoying your braai. It’s as easy as adding beer to your marinade. And because we at Life Retreat know how much you love to braai, we’ve decided to offer you a Heritage day special on our braai sets.

Apron Braai Set


It’s the perfect outdoor braai essential. Conveniently designed, it folds up easily into a carry bag. Includes a tong, fork and spatula with wooden handles for comfortable grip, and a glove. Click here to order.

Ranger Braai Set


Ranger Braai Set will ensure you have the right tools for when you braai. This rugged and hard wearing braai set contains tongs, fork and knife, each with a comfortable handle making them easy to hold. Click here to order.


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