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We understand that sometimes when looking for a health supplement or health foods you can come across a product you may not have heard about before, but you are not given enough information to really learn about it. Agave Fibre is a relatively unknown health fibre, but one with numerous health benefits.

Agave Inulin Fibre Facts:

– Improves taste and mouth feel in fat reduced products.

– Has high water retention capacity resulting in a firm gel with a good fat mimetic mouth feel and reological properties very similar to those of fat. Basically, it can act as a great replacement for fat in foods.

– It is also a suitable ingredient for structuring in low and zero-fat food products.

– Agave Inulin has prebiotic properties and can be added to yoghurt, baked goods and other food ingredients should this benefit be required.

Texturizing properties of Agave Fibre

– Agave Fibre is a naturally occurring storage carbohydrate, present in the sap of the Agave plant.

Up to a certain level Agave Fibre is soluble in water. Its solubility increases with the temperature.

At room temperature Agave Fibre solutions up to 7.5% are completely clear, but when concentrations exceed 15%, it has the ability to form a gel or cream, resulting in an excellent fat-like texture.

The texturizing and sensory properties of Agave Fibre make an excellent fat replacer in a wide range of foods.

Agave Fibre

Agave Plant


Fat spreads and dairy spreads.

Addition of 4% Agave Fibre to fat spreads with 20-40% fat emulsions results in a product with a good structure and a perfect taste. The excellent spreadability and mouthfeel make it a perfect, low fat substitute for margarines.
Addition of 2, 5% Agave Fibre to low fat dairy spreads such as cream and cheese spreads is recommended.

Low fat ice cream

Fat in ice cream contributes to sensory properties (such as mouthfeel, melting behaviour and creaminess) and physical properties (such as hardness and stability).

Agave Fibre can return the indulgent flavour and desired sensory attributes to low-fat ice cream products thereby contributing to a creamy mouthfeel, homogenous melting and improved heat shock stability. Agave Fibre helps to maintain small ice crystals after heat shock which improves shelf life and is necessary for a good mouthfeel. Dosage 4 – 5%

Low fat yoghurt

The effect of Agave Fibre on sensory and textural properties has been evaluated in low fat yoghurt with different concentrations of between (2-4%).
Attributes like thickness, airiness and stickiness contributing to creamy mouthfeel of the low fat yoghurt.

Prebiotic Yogurt

The bacteria that naturally live in your intestines use prebiotics as a food source. Although yoghurt does not naturally contain any prebiotics, some yoghurt manufacturers add prebiotics to their products. Most prebiotic substances are varieties of soluble fiber. Your digestive tract does not absorb the fiber, allowing it to pass through to the gut bacteria. One commonly used prebiotic is Agave Inulin, which is extracted from Agave plant.


Low fat cake

Partial replacement of the pastry margarine by Agave Fibre results in a fat reduced cake with perfect sensory properties and a long shelf life.

Agave Fibre

Agave Cake


The creamy structure of Agave Fibre makes it a perfect base for fillings which allows biscuits to be produced with a filling in which 25 % of the fat was replaced.

Low fat hazelnut spread

Commercial hazelnut spreads are fat based products. Dry ingredients are milled and finely dispersed in the fat phase to achieve the right mouthfeel.

A structure based on 7,5 % Agave Fibre combined with sugars, cocoa powder, milk proteins, and hazelnut paste make it possible to produce a delicious low fat hazelnut spread. Compared with the conventional fat products a calorie reduction of 45% can be achieved.


Due to the high solubility of Agave Fibre it is easily incorporate into binding syrup on industrial scale to replace digestible carbohydrates. In cereal Agave Fibre is a good fat replacer with excellent texturizing properties. Reduction of 30 % fat with Agave Fibre results in crunchy low calorie cereal.


Traditional problems with low-fat or no-fat mayonnaise and dressings are a lumpy texture with acidic taste and a dry and sour aftertaste. With the addition of Agave Fibre (5%) a stable low-fat mayonnaise or dressing with good flowing properties is achieved. Further, Agave Fibre will mask the acidic/sour taste.

So there you have it. Agave Fibre is something that could truly change the way we eat, and as a fat replacement product, this could have big effects for lots of people. We are excited for the future of Agave Fibre, are you?

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