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Annual Winter Warmer Campaign

Winter Warmer Campaign

Winter is here, and it is time for our Charity Annual Winter Warmer Campaign!  Help us keep South Africa Warm, by paying it forward.
This time every year, we offer our clients the opportunity to purchase Fleece Blankets, Scarves, Gloves and Beanies @ Cost price.

Last year we paid it forward, and encouraged others to do the same.  We gave 2 scarves to each homeless person we came across, and asked them to give one of them to someone less fortunate than themselves.  We had an amazing response.  The bonus was that it made everyone, no matter how much in need, aware that there is always someone else less fortunate than themselves out there.

By supporting this campaign, we are helping to create more temporary jobs for unemployed people.

Please continue to send us photos, videos, and feel good stories about your donations, as they are always so inspiring for others to see, and read.

You can email them all to info@liferetreat.co.za
See more here:  Photos & Stories


Winter Warmer Campaign fleece scarves, blankets at cost price

Once purchased, we offer you our various options:

1)  We will courier to a Charity of your choice
2) Courier to you, to donate to a Charity of your choice.
3) Donate & deliver to a Charity of our choice.

30 x Assorted Scarves
For 30 it is R720.00 (R24.00 each)

30 x Assorted Gloves
30 for R750.00 (R25.00 each)

30 x Assorted Blankets (1 x 1.5m)
30 for R1410.00 (R47.00 each)

30 x Assorted Blankets (1.5 x 1.5m)
30 for R2100.00 (R70.00 each)

30 x Assorted Blankets (1.5 x 2m)
30 for R2820.00 (R94.00 each)
Please email your orders to info@lifestyleshoponline.co.za, or purchase here: #lifestyleshoponline

Share your #SaveSA story

We want to hear your inspirational story of how you help others or how you pay-it-forward. Comment on this post and tell us how you or someone you know has helped someone in need or if you know of someone who needs help, you can post it here.

Win Fleece blankets or scarves to donate to the charity of your choice.

If you have a cause you want to help, just comment  with the name of the charity, group or even just who you want to give it to if you are not sure (i.e sick kids, dogs, homeless…) and tell us why you choose to help them.

Enter the competition here

You can also send in your photos or videos via email to info@liferetreat.co.za

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6 Comments on Annual Winter Warmer Campaign

Lynette said : Guest 4 years ago

Thank you for your comment Bianca and telling us about this shelter. I think it's a wonderful choice and we will find their details and make sure they know it came from you when we send them the donation.

Bianca Balutto said : Guest 4 years ago

I would like to donate the blankets to cat-a-holics kitty shelter in Jhb Rosebank. I have been there and feel that they need the blankets the most. This shelter looks like they are struggling alot they also have a boarding space for cats but alot of the owners have left their cats there and not returned. They do not have enough blankets for the cats and alot of the cats stay outside in a fenced area. It has been so cold and I worry about all the fur babies.

Trish said : administrator 4 years ago

To purchase our winter warmers @ cost to donate to charity, click here

Trish said : administrator 4 years ago

To purchase all of these winter warmers @ cost and help us to keep SA warm this winter, please click on #lifestyleshoponline

Trish said : administrator 4 years ago

#SaveSA #Charity #Winterwarmer #campaign #liferetreat #lifestyleshoponline

Trish said : administrator 4 years ago

L-E-L-C (Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish) - our aim is to make SA a better/ safer & happier place for all South Africans. We are offering this page to all Charities, to spread your word, free of charge. Please email us a short blog on your charity, with a link to your website or contact details, and we will load if for you. Please make mention of any help that you need, whether it be donations, volunteers etc, and we are sure that there will be people out there to help you If you have any events coming up, please keep us posted, to enable us to add them to our diary and help spread the word.

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