Are Your Sleeping Pills Giving You Nightmares?

Sleeping pills Nightmares

Are you willing to risk a crippling fall, violent mood swings or a fatal accident for a good night’s sleep? It sure does seem like a high price to pay for something that comes naturally.

Well, if you take sleeping pills, then you take these risks everyday.

They may seem like the only solution when you’ve night countless nights tossing and turning. However, drug induced sleep comes with its own dangers including daytime dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, drug addiction…


Don’t seek slumber through sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can break the pattern of insomnia and help you sleep. But this only at first. These pills can then lead to not only dependence but rebound insomnia too. And, after prolonged use, their effectiveness wears off and the sleeplessness comes back worse than before. So, why not try to sleep naturally? (If your doctor feels you them, take them). If you want to overcome or prevent insomnia, try these five tips:

1. Set your biological clock with lots of sun

Try to spend at least 15 minutes in bright early morning sunlight. Research shows that exposure to the sun between 7 am to 9 am can help reset your biological clock to a 24 hour day/night cycle.

2. Soak in a warm bath

Try not to shower. A bath helps soothe your nerves and relax your muscles.

3. Don’t turn your bedroom into a courtroom or office

Please don’t argue or work from the bedroom. Let the room be a sleep sanctuary that you associate sleep and rest with.

4. Stop checking the time and stop trying to sleep

If you can’t sleep, stay awake and concentrate on being awake. Don’t try to sleep. As crazy as this technique sounds, it relives your mind of the anxiety of not falling asleep.

5. A glass of red wine won’t help

Steer clear of alcohol before bedtime. It might help you drop off, but it can also interfer with your normal sleep patterns and wake you up later.

If these tips don’t help, consult your doctor.

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