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Forgiveness – Our New Year’s Message To You

The new year is time to forgive ourselves and others.  This is the only way that we can truly heal.  “There is no need to attack, because God’s love has forgiven us all.”  A Course In Miracles.

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smell of nature

6 Reasons Why Photos Inspire Our Senses

I woke up this morning, and was in the mood for browsing through photos.  I always find it uplifting, looking through beautiful photographs.  So, I have chosen a few of our personal ones to share.  All of these pics, in some way inspire us to live healthy, happy and balanced lives, and awaken our 6 senses.

Don’t Retox, Post Detox

You should not see the days after your detox as calorie make-up days. Post detox, is by far the most important part of detoxing.  After all, there is no point in detoxing, and then straight after that retoxing.

Inflatable Summer Fun

Whenever I see a blown up swan floating around a pool, or in a picture, I think of Summer.  At this time of the year, when we are so over Winter, I must say that my mind get’s carried away.  I imagine myself floating around on a warm Summer’s day, cocktail in hand, surrounded by family and friends.  A background noise of music, chatting and laughter.  Yes, please bring on our Inflatable Summer Fun.

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