Ayurvedic Detox for Autumn – Cleanse, Release, Let Go

Ayurvedic Detox

To protect your health year round, but particularly during Autumn, it’s important to slow down, support your liver’s natural ability to remove toxins from the body, and take stock of the influences that you allow into your life—from the kind of food you eat to the amount of time you spend in front of an electronic device (computer, cell phone, TV).

We avoid drastic cleanses now, and simply make comforting lifestyle changes. Add a little of this, cut back on a little of that. Simple. Kind. Polite to the body.

4 Step Ayurvedic Cleanse

Step 1: Slow Down

Lowering stress levels is important during any cleansing period. Stress during autumn and winter can easily lead to hypertension, weight gain, nervous disorders, high blood pressure and lack of deep sleep.
The first step to reducing the toxicity created by an overloaded life? Slowing down. During the next seven days, adjust your schedule so you have time to prepare and eat your meals in a relaxed manner
Practice daily yoga
Take short periods in the day to meditate, or do deep breathing
Don’t “rush to reply” to messages. Take care of YOU
Be gentle and polite with your Self

Step 2: Detox Diet

Nourish the body withy warm, healthy, cleansing, simple (“clean”) foods. Kitchari is a traditional food made of Mung Beans and Basmati Rice. It is hearty, and provides the perfect protein for the body without needing animal products. It balances the elements in the body and is easy on the digestive system.
Enjoy warming oils, like Olive and Sesame Seed oils (coconut is too cooling)
Ginger tea – to warm and soothe
“Homey” meals, cooked veggies, and warming spices.

Step 3: Cleansing Yoga

Yoga practices should be adjusted according to the season. We at LELC STUDIO are very specific in our desire to create healing and balance in the body. Ask your yoga teacher to give you poses and breathing techniques to help your body adjust to the autumn season, or view our studio calendar at https://www.liferetreat.co.za/calendar/ to book a class with us.

By: Ryan G. Edmonds
(ISHTA & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, LELC Studio)

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