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Ayurvedic Foot Care: How To Massage Your Feet

Foot massage

Do you take care of your feet as much as you use them? Caring for your feet in Ayurveda goes beyond the cosmetic purposes. It benefits the whole body and nervous system.

An ayurvedic foot massage and bath helps relax the whole physiology and also provides a feeling of revitalization, improved circulation and increased energy.



Start with a herbal foot bath

For hard skin tired feet, a foot soak can do wonders. Warm water helps stimulate your whole body especially your feet, and also softens your skin. The aromas of bath salts and herbs provide relaxation through the sense of smell.

  • Boil water and make a small pouch of any of the following herbs: sage, lavender, rosemary. Place the pouch in a large bucket and pour the boiling water over it. Let it sit for twenty minutes.
  • You can add cold water if the water is too hot.
  • Soak your feet for about twenty minutes. Then, gently rub(not scrub) the herbs on your feet.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly.

How to massage the feet

When you rub your feet, you “massage” your whole body. It balances emotions, aids detoxification and improves lymph and blood circulation.

  1. If you haven’t had a herbal bath, first wash your feet with soap and warm water. Use neem soap because of its antibacterial properties. Then dry your feet and sit in a comfortable position so you can easily reach your feet.
  2. Apply lavender oil to one of your feet.
  3. Gently rub the base of your little toe.
  4. Then, continue at the base of the fourth (next) toe.
  5. Apply a little pressure between the fourth and fifth toes with one hand.
  6.  While rubbing between the third and fourth toes.
  7. Then, massage, stretch and pull the big toe gently while rubbing each side of the nail.
  8. Massage the ball of your foot in a circular motion, applying gentle pressure on both sides of your heel below the ankles. Then, massage in a clockwise motion around your ankles with both hands. This helps improve circulation and the energy level of the body.
  9. Finish off by massaging your calf muscle to release tension. Do the same with your other foot.

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