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Benefits Of Epsom Salt For Your Garden


We all know by now that Epsom salt has many health benefits, but very few know that it can be just as beneficial to your garden.

Here are a few amazing ways to use it in your garden.

1. Get your grass green (and your shrubs, and your trees).

If you’re envious of your neighbor’s lush green lawn and tired of your yellow and brownish patches, you may be able to spruce your grass up using Epsom salts. Magnesium is a necessary building block for chlorophyll, which gives greenery its color. Sprinkle Epsom salt over your lawn and around the roots of your plants, and you will be feeding them the essential nutrition they need to produce chlorophyll. Just doing this once a month can make a huge difference. And as a bonus, they will probably grow bigger and taller!

2. Apply as soil prep before you plant your seeds.

Before you plant seeds in your garden, add a little Epsom salt to the soil. This will assist with seed germination and will increase the strength of seedling cell walls. Use approximately 1 cup of Epsom salt per 100 square feet of tilled soil. Alternately, you can just add a couple tablespoons to each hole. Your seedlings will be hardy and more likely to survive and grow into strong plants.

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3. Replace your fertilizer.

Fertilizers often include magnesium since it boosts plant root absorption. Instead of buying an expensive fertilizer that contains unhealthy additives, why not just try using Epsom salts?

4.Keep leaves from curling.

Did you know that leaves curling on plants often points toward a magnesium deficiency? Adding some Epsom to the soil can help to rebuild the plant’s magnesium stores. You also might try applying some straight to the leaves (dissolve it in water first). Hopefully your sick plant will start feeling better soon.

5. Make your roses bloom big.


If you have small roses and your next door neighbor has big, beautiful blooms, and you are both growing the same species, you know the climate can hardly be to blame. One way you can make your own roses grow beautifully is to add Epsom salt to their soil. Next time you plant new roses, add Epsom salt. You can add more when you see new growth and when your flowers are blooming. You should start seeing more blossoms, and the blooms should be a lot bigger too.

6. Help plants weather the shock of being transplanted.

Transplanting is a traumatic event for a plant, and may lead to sickness or even death in severe cases. Sometimes you have no choice, though. One way you can help your plants to adjust is by adding a little Epsom salt to the soil once they are in their new plants or environments. The extra dose of magnesium will really make a difference, and may even save a weak plant from dying.

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7. Grow tastier produce.


One of the most well-known benefits of Epsom salts in the garden is for growing yummier produce. This includes both sweet and savory fruits as well as nuts. Tomatoes and peppers in particular can benefit greatly from Epsom salts. Heavy fruits like these are prone to magnesium deficiency and may need twice as much Epsom salt as other types of fruits. As you might guess, that same rule applies to a lot more than just peppers and tomatoes. Adding salts to the soil will not only result in larger, juicier, more flavorful fruit, but more of it.

Now you know just how handy Epsom salts really are! While they are great in your bath (and have a variety of uses even there), they are also wonderful for other health and beauty applications, and have many uses around the home, particularly out in the garden. The power of Epsom salt comes mostly from the high concentration of magnesium that it contains. Magnesium is great for you and for your plants, so go and get some!

Know any other cool uses for Epsom salts that we didn’t share here? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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