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Caffeine-Free Ways To Boost Your Energy

It’s that busy time of the year when energy levels fall into the red zone and naturally, you end up reaching for the quick-fix… caffeine. But the negative side effects of caffeine are seemingly endless.

It can cause IBS, acidity and ulcers, disrupt sleep and even harm your kidneys, boost your tension and stress levels. An American internist and fatigue expert, Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, says, “We have an energy crisis of historic proportions going on. We’re reaching for anything that will give us energy – and we’re over-relying on coffee now more than ever!” So, here are four effective caffeine-free ways to boost your energy.

Four amazing ways to get your energy fix without coffee

1. Replace coffee with carbs

You have to eat food, not have another cup of coffee for sustained energy. This is because carbohydrates and fibre-rich foods stabilise your blood sugar, while protein and healthy fat will keep you feeling full. In other words,only calories give you “real” energy. Have a baked sweet potato with a tablespoon of chopped nuts or slice of toast with smashed avocado.

2. End your shower with a good splash of cold water

When you’re done with your morning shower, turn the cold tap on. The cold water will wake up your half-asleep mind, according to research. If you can’t handle a full-body brrr, then splash cold water on just your face first.

3. Chew bubble gum

When you chew gum, it helps boost your mood and improve your focus without the sugar crash that follows a trip to the office vending machine. This is because the chewing motion increases the flow of oxygen and blood to your brain.

4. Just… breathe

Deep breathing helps lengthen your attention span and speeds up your reaction time. Simply sit in a chair, contract your abs and push your stomach toward your spine to force some air out of your nose. As your tummy muscles relax, you create a mini vacuum that pulls some air back in.


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