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Why You Should Make Yoga Teaching Your Career

Yoga Teacher Training Course 2019

Life Retreat Studio brings you our annual ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training / Immersion.  The Course is presented in a way that is suited to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga. This highly recommended YTTC is for those wishing to qualify as an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher.

Course InformationCourse Information

Modules 1 and 2 are open to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge.  As well as deepen their practice and understanding of yoga. All three modules are required to qualify for the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.  Our course facilitator is the highly respected, Sevak Hari Singh (Ryan G. Edmonds).  As well as several other knowledgable and inspiring guest trainers and speakers.

Please email us for all of the prices. Plus, we are offering extremely affordable payment plans:  info@liferetreat.co.za

Module 1 – Immersion

This stand-alone module is compulsory for those who wish to train and certify as a yoga teacher. As well as or for those who wish to immerse themselves in yoga philosophy. Therefore, this is the perfect way to delve into the Age old Yogic Wisdom. In addition we will delve into learning from the Age-old Ayurvedic Lifestyle and philosophy.

For ISHTA YTT Certification (to become a yoga teacher) you need to have done this module. 

Module 1 Includes: 

5 April | Introduction & Welcome + Opening Ritual (Friday evening) 
6 & 7 April | Weekend 1: Yoga Philosophy (History, Origins, Ancient Texts, Eight Limbs) 
13 & 14 April | Weekend 2: Meditation & The Mind (Pranayama 101)
27 & 28 April | Weekend 3: Ayurveda & Yogic Lifestyle 

Venue – Life Retreat Studio, Lourensford Estate

Module 2 – Immersion

This stand-alone module is compulsory for those who are training to achieve the  ISHTA YTT Certification (to become a yoga teacher).  Likewise, for those who wish to immerse in yoga philosophy more deeply. Learn more about the physiology and anatomy of yoga.

Module 2 Includes: 

3 May | Introduction & Welcome + Opening Ritual (Ritual) 
4 & 5 May | Weekend 1: Energetic Anatomy (Chakras, Mantras, Sound, Colour)
11 & 12 May | Weekend 2: Anatomy, Asana & Alignment 
18 & 19 May | Weekend 3: Physiology & Asana (Physical & Energetic) 

Venue – Life Retreat Studio, Lourensford Estate

Module 3 – Yoga Teacher Training Certification

This module is only open to those ultimately certifying as an Internationally Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hr level. It is the ‘crowning-jewel’ of the accumulated training. 

On this 7 days intensive retreat, you will immerse yourself in yoga.  The Retreat teaches conscious living, on all levels. Surroundings will be natural to best support this process. Experience an ashram lifestyle (from pre-sunrise spiritual practice, to end of day closing ritual) so as better to understand & progress along the yogic path. This will certainly be an incredible life-changing experience.

This period includes theory, practice, and development of your unique teaching toolkit (in preparation for certifying practical assessments & theory exam).

Module 3 Includes:

  • Teaching style
  • Creating & holding space
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Building confidence in yourself & your students
  • Class structure & sequencing,
  • Ethics
  • Setting yourself up as a professional Yoga Teacher. 

7 – 14 June: Retreat 

[Time needed to take off from work will be five working days, and a weekend]

Venue – Away (To be confirmed upon registration) (Western Cape)


Queries? info@liferetreat.co.za

Questions & Answers

What if I want to learn a bit more about yoga, but I don’t want to qualify as a teacher?

This course is designed in such a way that even those who want to immerse themselves in the ancient wisdom and philosophies of yoga can do so. As well as not having the pressure of exams and assessments. If you wish to understand yoga on a deeper level, modules one &/or 2 are perfect for you.

Where can I practice Yoga during the Course?

During the Course, you are welcome to attend Yoga classes FREE OF CHARGE at Life Retreat Studio 

I am new to yoga – is this a problem?

Not at all.  Anyone can do Modules 1 & 2.  Beginners will get a lot of practice during the training. Although to qualify as an ISHTA Yoga Teacher, you need to be fully committed to the practice, and studies.  Following your completed exams and practicals, you may only certify. However, we need to clarify that you, and your facilitator are confident in your fluent understanding of the terminology, physical, philosophical and other integral aspects.

Do I need to do ALL the Summer or Winter Module together?

Not at all. Students could do (for example) Module 1 in Summer, and Modules 2 and 3 in Winter.  You receive credits for all modules done, but they do need to be done in order (over any period).

What is ISHTA Yoga?

ISHTA is a school of yoga that was formed in South Africa several decades ago by Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger. It must be remembered that this system is a lineage school of yoga, drawing from direct teachers of ancient sources. ISHTA yoga holds a proud direct line of teachers going back thousands of years. The name is extraordinary on many levels. It also stands for Integral Hatha, Tantra & Ayurveda (or Integral Hatha & the Tantric Arts).

Who would certify me as an ISHTA Yoga teacher?

ISHTA Teacher-Trainer signs your certificate, Ryan Edmonds (Sevak Hari Singh), endorsed by YTF Chairlady, Marina Contardo, and registered through the International Yoga Fellowship (IYF).

How many hours?

Our 200HR yoga teacher certification module is 200 contact hours (in-class time), and 50 signed-off classes.

There will be a later option to do an additional 300 HRS Advanced Teachers Certification.

50 signed-off classes? Where do I do these?

Anyone doing the first two modules, or the full TTC, will qualify for complimentary studio access at LIFE RETREAT STUDIO for the duration of their module/s. Classes may be done during this time. If students wish to do classes at other studios, that is their prerogative.

What if I miss a lecture/weekend?

The 200 hours is critical for the completion of the course, particularly to qualify as a Yoga Teacher. Should you wish to certify, these hours must be made up in private sessions with the lecturer/s – at a nominal fee.

Does one need to belong to any particular spiritual/religious path to become a yoga teacher?

Not at all. Yoga means Union. Despite your personal beliefs or Religion, yoga will enrich these, and open your mind and heart to exploring other paths.  Even if only for the duration of the course. 

Will students be required to do homework?

Students are encouraged to implement the tools and teachings into daily life. Specific creative assignments, readings, and journalistic reflections will be required. These will be especially relevant for those pursuing the full TTC.

What benefits will this course have?

This depends on your intentions.  In this case, whatever you need, this course will be a catalyst to deliver on your intentions. Spiritual growth. Healing. Learning. Self-awareness & personal confidence. A new career. As well as going deeper into a positive relationship with your body. Learning the ancient wisdom, and breathing fresh new life into a lineage of thousands of years.

The biggest bonus is that you will be able to start Teaching Yoga immediately and in addition, the qualification will enable you to teach anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us on info@liferetreat.co.za for further info.

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    Can you please give me the dates that the various modules will be taking place?


    • Avatar



      HI Marie-Louise
      I am so sorry, as I have just realised that we have not replied to you about the Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC)
      All of the dates are on this link, please click here
      We are offering extremely affordable payment plans as well
      Tomorrow morning on our Life Retreat Studio FB page at 11;00 am Ryan will be live, and chatting about the YTTC, and answering all related questions, so please join us on FB
      Or you are welcome to email me on info@liferetreat.co.za with any questions you may have
      I personally completed modules 1 and 2 last year, and can highly recommend them, and the Retreat at the end of the Course is always life changing


    • Avatar



      HI Marie-Louise please feel free to email me with any questions you have regarding the YTTC. We have a Q & A session every Monday morning with Ryan, the course facilitator on our Life Retreat at Lourensford Face Book Group. Please feel free to join us online


    • Avatar



      H Marie-Louise
      I am not sure whether you know that our YTTC dates were changed to begin in April
      We would love you to join us
      If you do not wish to do the entire course, you are Welcome to join us for module 1 or 2, or both
      We have a Special price for our Members, which I can offer you
      If you are interested, please email me on info@liferetreat.co.za


      • Avatar



        Hi Marie-Louise
        We still have space in our June MOdule for bookings
        If you would like more info on this please email studio@liferetreat.co.za
        I am presently doing the modules and highly recommend them to deepen your Yoga practice and Knowledge
        All levels of Yoga are Free to join us


  • Avatar



    Like to do module 1


    • Avatar



      Hi Chantal we would love you to join us on module 1
      As you know, module 1 and 2 are both stand alone modules which can be taken separately
      I did them last year and highly recommend them on every level, including physical, spiritual, mental and emotional
      Ryan will be live on Monday at 11;00 am on our Life Retreat @ Lourensford FB Group, so please diarise to join in for our Q & A sessions
      Read more about our Yoga Teachers Training Course Here


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