Celebrating with the Skinny’s

What better way to start the day, than with a delicious, healthy Skinny Juice. The Skinny’s launched their new juice bar last Saturday.   We received a warm welcome as always, and were treated to a Skinny juice of course.


It is difficult to choose which one is my favourite, but I do love the Skinny Booster ( a mixture of assorted berries). Although it was freezing cold, we indulged in our skinny ice lollies, and I can highly recommend the Skinny Root (packed with loads of beta-carotene). These are a must for our family this Summer. The green smoothy really topped a great morning off. It really was yummy.

CRetroyspective-5135We are so proud to be associated with the Skinny Juice Company. Congratulations to them, on celebrating their 1st Anniversary, We have been supplying their juices throughout SA, since we launched Life Retreat, a couple of months ago. And, I am sure that our collaboration will grow from strength to strength.

To order Skinny Juices:  Click Here


I am planning on doing a 7 day detox at the end of August, to really get myself healthy, and in shape before Spring. The best way to do the detox, is to combine it with a colon cleanse.   This way we eliminate all of our toxins. The juice fasts need to be planned carefully. We must ensure that we do it at a time where we can rest if need be, and we are not too busy or stressed out.

With the detox, I would highly recommend treating ourselves to a massage, and any other forms of healing or relaxation you enjoy. And, once again, drink and abundance of water, and sleep, sleep, sleep. Yoga and walking are the ideal exercises to do over this time, as they are gentle on our bodies.  I keep the amazing Elixir detox massage oil at home, and use regularly.

We have been invited to do a few workshops on juicing and detoxing, so watch this space, if you would like to join us. We will share all the info on our blog. If you are keen on joining us on a detox, we will keep an open forum, to keep each other motivated.


To read more on healthy detox food:  Click here

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Trish own a business called Life Retreat which is focused on Wellness, Health and Healing. She is married and the Mom of 4 amazing Adult children. ”I began my health and healing journey many years ago, and have studied my entire life. I brought up my children healthily without using medication. Thankfully they have all followed in my footsteps and have followed the healing path with their careers. I am a Yoga Teacher, and practice yoga and meditation regularly. I love hiking and the great outdoors.” QUALIFICATIONS After completing by B Soc Sci Degree and majoring in Psychology I then went on to become a Herbalist I have studied numerous other Healing modalities including Ayurveda, TRE and many more. I am an ISHTA Yoga Teacher

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