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Changing Lives With A Random Act Of Kindness

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As part of the township skills training program, a few ladies are inspiring others as they run to train for the 2 Oceans. They run without proper running shoes, without excuses, without complaining. A random act of kindness can go a long way for these ladies.  “…A woman walked over to us, taking off here shoes while telling us how inspired she is as a runner by the ladies and would like to donate her running shoes to help at least 1 of the ladies.”

Went for a jog with our ladies (the 10 ladies from the township on the skills training program) this morning and I am always so inspired by their commitment to health. Run/walking with them in their sandals – mainly flip flops, all I see is that they are totally committed to getting fit and wont use the excuse of not having the right shoes, which none of them can afford. I have been trying to think of a way to get them all shoes and decent bras to run in as some are very well endowed.

As we got to the car to go back to our premises in Gordon’s Bay, a woman walked over to us, taking off here shoes while telling us how inspired she is as a runner by the ladies and would like to donate her running shoes to help at least 1 of the ladies. We were overwhelmed at her generosity and thoughtfulness and with much, whooping, clapping and laughter from the ladies, we left.
Bullet (Buhle) who had the right sized feet is the recipient of this random act of kindness and she cannot stop smiling. So this got me to thinking that I am sure many of you have running shoes you don’t wear anymore and that you may like to donate it to our ladies. They wear mainly sized 4, 5 & 6 shoes.

Don’t worry that we will receive too many pairs as we will keep extra shoes for the next batch of ladies and we are planning to start a running club in the township where they all live as a way to keep them motivated and to give back to their community. So we are more than happy to distribute shoes for any age and size from children to adults, men and women.

If you have no shoes to send, money will do well as we also need decent undergarment support for some of the ladies and they need to be fitted at the local Sportsman’s warehouse. This will enable them to run their first 5km and then train for the next distance 10 km. They are so motivated to run a longer distance like 2 Oceans next year (56km) or maybe the year after, but they don’t want to stop the training.

You can donate by clicking here

or Simply post the shoes to;

Box 443,
Gordons Bay,
Western Cape,
South Africa, 7151


Courier to;

959 Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape, South Africa | cell phone reference: 0842244200 (Mark)400

I just know that we can all make a difference to this community and they in turn can be the change too! Next project once we do that is get veggie gardens going in the community – watch this space!

Article by Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer | www.naturalway.co.za


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    Beautiful idea. I live not too far and will be donating next time I visit. Cecelia.


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      That’s wonderful to hear Cecelia! Thank you for your comment and good heart!


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