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Affordable Landscaping Ideas

When you have the right plants and accessories, you have the ideal outdoor atmosphere. It’s easier relax around an invigorating escape or a relaxing retreat than around a piece of bare land. Cobblestone pathways, green labyrinths , colorful flowers and water fountains are some of the things that can help anyone relax after a long stressful day.

You could hire a professional, but if you’re planning on taking on this gardening adventure yourself, then here are a few ideas that could help you along your way.

Garden Furniture

There’s nothing better than having a nice place to sit and enjoy looking at the beauty of your garden. You can eat and actually enjoy entertaining outside. However, you do need the ideal furniture to fit into this scenario. This shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can hunt for second hand bargains and skip finds. You can also lookout for end of season sales. Another tip is to avoid furniture labelled for gardens. You can paint or vanish any furniture to protect it from bad weather.

Paths and Seating Areas

It’s always nice to deck and pave but it can get can very expensive. The alternative which is cheaper and easy is to lay gravel or bark chippings or pebbles bought from a builder’s merchant. If you want something that will last longer, use course concrete because plain concrete is boring. You can also ask your local tile shop for smashed tiles you could take off their hands for free. This can help you design your own mosaics.

Make stepping stones with any left over concrete

With a little leftover cement, some chicken wire, and some easy-to-make forms, you can add beauty and mud-free stepping stones to your garden.If you really want to pave, have a look in classified ad´s section or even post an ad yourself. You should also consider fake stone paving which is more affordable than the real deal. No one will know the difference.

Make The Best Of What You Have

It’s important to try to look at the positive aspects of your garden and work with what’s in your reach.

For Example, gardens that to grow rocks are perfect for making raised beds. Also, you can use the places where you dug up the rocks to grow things that need an easy and deep root run.

And if you have heavy clay soil then dig in lots of shingle and manure. Heavy clay soil retains moisture and holds nutrients.


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