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Choose to feel amazing…

Who doesn’t want unique foods that are extremely tasty, nourishing and appetizing? Who doesn’t want live a life full of energy, free of constipation and effectively care for their body? We at Life Retreat know just how important it is for you to not only live but feel amazing. That’s why we’ve made Nature’s Choice products available for you.

When you choose Nature’s Choice . . .

  • You choose to feel wonderfully energetic – because our foods have all their natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients and essential and natural fats . . .
  • You choose to be free of constipation – because Nature’s Choice foods are full of their natural bran and fibre . . .


  • You choose to sustain your vitality and to feed your body’s cells with a genuine source of pure natural goodness . . .
  • You choose to effectively care for your skin, your nails, and your hair from within – and this with the finest of natural oils and nutrients . . .
  • When you choose foods that are free of preservatives, colourants, food additives and artificial flavourants . . .
  • You choose foods that have not gone through adulteration, irradiation or subjected to any deleterious process.
  • You choose foods that are free of any form of hydrogenated fat and that contain only fresh farm butter and/or fresh cream and/or the very finest of cold-pressed, cold processed oils . . .


  • You choose sugar-free, isomalt-free foods sweetened with natural or organic honey, fructose or un-sulphured sweet fruits . . .
  • You choose unique foods that are extremely tasty, nourishing, and appetising…
  • When you choose foods that do not come with any hidden costs – for with Nature’s Choice the price you pay is the only price you pay . . .
  • You choose the type of foods that are endorsed by health professionals and leading health hydros worldwide. . .

For Slimming, digestion, acne, athletes foot

  • You choose a company that refuses to compromise for the sake of profit or convenience – for we have genuinely chosen to put you first . . .
  • You choose to make a wise choice, for there is simply no getting away from the fact that you are what you eat.

No wonder those who use Nature’s Choice products are our most effective form of advertising. After all, who wants to feel amazing alone?

Bon Apetite.

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