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We often get asked why we started a store on our website?  There are after all, 100s of 1000s of internet shopping sites out there.  Well, consider us your Personal Shoppers.

These days all you have to do is Google a product, and you will be directed to many shopping sites.  We have done this often, as we love shopping, but we have often spent days, and even weeks looking for suppliers of particular products.  Most of the sites that we find are overseas, and not suitable for us South African’s to order from, as delivery takes far too long, and with our weak rand they are often extremely expensive.  We love blogs, and regularly read about new, ineresting products, and then we still have to search for them.  Often with no results.

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We have taken the hassle out of searching for you.  Our team is continuously sourcing , products that we either use ourselves, or we would love to use.  We then sift through 100s of items offered by our suppliers, to find what we can recommend to you.  Sometimes, we choose a very small selection, and add them to our shopping site.  Every single thing that we are offering you, we have either tried and tested ourselves, or it has come to us highly recommended by others.

ecklonia_cava extractWe endeavour to give you as much information as we possible can, on all the goods that we sell.  If we have personally tried them, we will let you know what we think.

Our aim is to always remain a positive, inspiring Blog / Shopping site.  If we try out something that we are not happy with , or it has bad recommendations, we simply will not post it.  We have either personally designed all of our clothes and accessories, or hand picked them for ourselves and our clients.  We choose fashionably, timeless items.

Burberry Inspired Fleece Scarf

Importing Goods for Our Clients

We are presently sourcing clothes, accessories, beauty related items, goodies for the home, and so much more.  Please give us suggestions of what you would like to see on our Shopping Site.  The more feedback we receive from our customers, the better it will be for all of us.  Either comment on this post, or email with all your requirements, or suggestions.


Cough & Chest SyrupThanks to Wikipedia

Online Personal Shopping.

An online personal shopper’s job is to spend time online searching on behalf of clients. Their focus is usually on anything that the web can provide. An online personal shopper is typically freelance however some are employed by websites that offer online shopping advice. Online personal shopping services typically begin with a request or question from the client about the item, product or service that they are looking for. Customers are typically required to pay for the information. After the online personal shopper has located the item or items according to the client’s needs, the customer is notified.”


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