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Curves – Strengthening Women



Fit, focused and feminine at Curves  The gym isn’t just for hardcore fitness fanatics anymore, and women of all fitness levels are looking for ways to get the most out of their gym time.



Curves gym, the exclusive ladies’-only fitness club, is launching a compact and convenient 30 minute workout that gives women a way to fit exercise in to a hectic schedule.

The full-body workout combines strength training, cardio and stretching that can burn up to 2000 kilojoules per session. Curves has carefully designed the session to target every major muscle group. Knowing that women are often strapped for time, balancing work and family responsibilities, Curves feels that this 30 minute session is a unique way to cater to the lifestyle needs of all their valued members.

As the first ladies’-only fitness club in Africa, Curves is expanding its footprint in the African region, seeking to give women a safe and comfortable space where they can relax and focus on taking care of themselves. Bespoke product offerings targeted to cater for women, addressing their specific needs such as time-constraints, upping their fitness levels and weight loss, include the new 30 minute workout as well as innovative CurvesSmartTM technology, which provides immediate feedback on the quality of a workout, which can be accessed on the circuit or over time in a printed report. This means that Curves members can track their progress and stay in the driver’s seat of their health and fitness journey.

Curves’ female-oriented approach means that women can access tailored weight-loss, fitness and nutritional information, as well as relax and release stress in an exclusive environment that offers so much more than just resistance training and exercise machines: it’s a chance to be part of a community. There are club promotions and events supporting charitable causes, providing learning opportunities around health-related issues and giving women the chance to connect and form friendships.

Amanda Coetsee, spokesperson of Curves says, “We have put a lot of thought into designing our offering to suit women’s lifestyles and accommodate their needs. The 30 minute workout is extremely popular with our members, who find that it gives them a great workout without eating into their valuable time.”

Clive Robinson, director of Curves agrees wholeheartedly and states: “Curves is also an excellent business investment for individuals looking for a great franchise opportunity.”

Curves also offers a range of vitamins, shakes and supplements for complete nutrition. 

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