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Dandruff Problems? Try This…

So you have a big date tonight. And you plan to wear your little black number. You brush your hair into place and then you see it: Dandruff! I have the perfect solution for your dandruff problems.

Try this remedy before buying a more potent dandruff shampoo and you’ll never regret it. I’m talking about Hemp Oil. It can do wonders for your hair. Furthermore, it easily penetrates your cells and could be your lasting dandruff solution. Here are other benefits of Hemp oil for your hair:


1. Strengthens hair to prevent breakage

Breaking hair is embarrassing. When hair is excessively dry, it’s also weak and breaks easily. But hemp can strengthen your hair. It also helps maintain your hairs natural texture.

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2. Moisturizes the scalp and hair

Your hair needs to be moisturized to be healthy.  Hemp oil helps prevent water loss and adds moisture into the hair and scalp. Furthermore, because it’s easily absorbed by the scalp and hair, it doesn’t get sticky or leave a mess.

3. Stimulates hair growth

If the scalp is dry and flaky, then the hair does not have a good spot to grow in. Also, hair is made of keratin(90% of it is a protein). Hemp oil can provide this protein during growth, especially when added in a diet. Also, the oil improves blood circulation on the scalp. Thus, the hair follicles are nourished enough to support hair growth.

How to use Hemp Oil for your hair

You have to get Hemp oil to the scalp. Apply it to the scalp, and sleep with it overnight. Don’t forget to put a towel on your pillows. Wash it out in the morning. If your scalp is really dry, do this twice a week.

Also, treat your scalp from within. Add hemp powder or oil to your food every day. Protein is key.



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