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Diabetes: Healing With Cannabis/CBD Oil

Diabetes: Healing With Cannabis/ CBD Oil

Diabetes: Healing with Cannabis/ CBD oil. Cannabis oil helps to regulate the production of insulin and controls appetite and metabolism. It allows people to take control of their eating habits, to sleep better and to reduce their anxiety.

Approximately 5 – 10 out of 100 people have Type 1 diabetes. It used to be called juvenile-onset, or insulin-dependent diabetes. The body attacks its insulin-producing cells, which ultimately eradicates the insulin in the body. Eventually, the cells can no longer absorb sugar or glucose, which they need to make energy.  Children tend to show symptoms and get very sick from sudden high blood sugar.  They can also get very low blood sugar. Furthermore, they can’t prevent it, although they can alleviate it.

Type 2 diabetes, used to be called adult-onset, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes.  Adults usually get symptoms of the body not being able to use insulin the way it should. This insulin resistance often worsens until the pancreas makes less and less insulin, resulting in insulin deficiency. Adults can reverse and prevent this disease.  In addition, sticking to a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet is essential. Also, exercise and fresh, healthy foods are the answer.

How Can Cannabis Oil Benefit Diabetes?

Cannabinoids assist in managing blood sugars to maintain a healthy weight.  These chemical compounds speed up the metabolism. In recent studies, people who took cannabis oil were less resistant to the insulin produced by their body and could maintain balanced blood sugars. They could metabolise carbohydrates better and be generally slimmer. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, and therefore ideal for people with diabetes 2. It can also successfully treat eye issues such as glaucoma, insomnia, inflammation and pain, which are all linked to diabetes. It is essential to check blood glucose levels to avoid hypo/ hyperglycaemia regularly.

Suggested treatment guidelines:

THC/CBD tincture:  The patient can take five drops twice daily (morning and evening). Gradually reducing to one drop three times a day as blood sugar regulates.

Read more on Treatment here.


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