Earthbound Organic Wines Celebrates International Earth Day

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International Earth Day takes place on April 22, when the spotlight is cast on the global natural environment and the urgent need for its protection. This cause is supported by Earthbound Wines, whose natural farming practices focus on producing great wines now, in ways that will benefit generations of tomorrow.

Situated near Darling on the Cape West Coast, Earthbound is renowned for quality wine, made from organically-certified grapes farmed under Fairtrade principles that promote greater equality and sustainability in farming.

Like Earthbound Wines, Earth Day is concerned with taking action now as a way to avert the potential catastrophe that awaits our children. The event was established in 1970 by an American senator alarmed at the rapid escalation of environmental disasters across the world. Soon, the principles of Earth Day were embraced by organisations across the world, including South Africa.

“A sustainable existence is central to the Earthbound message,” says Melissa Diedericks, marketing manager for the eponymous wine. “All decisions are made with this in mind, as they apply not only to the natural environment, but to the people working on the farms as well.”

The vineyards that produce Earthbound wines are located on the farm Papkuilsfontein, some 25km from Darling. They are dryland-farmed bushvines in soils with excellent water-retention ability. Since the turn of the millennium, no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, or synthetic chemicals of any kind have been allowed on the vines or in the soil. Owl boxes were installed to control rodents; a specialised weeding machine that utilises steam to eradicate weeds eliminates the need for harmful herbicides and, winter grains that emerge among the vines are rolled flat to create organic mulch.

Under Fairtrade, a proportion of the proceeds of the sale of wines is returned to and administered by the farm workers. A committee receives suggestions for funding of projects from qualifying workers and then decides on prioritisation based on inclusive discussions and the availability of funds.

“Not only does the entire process undergo thorough independent auditing, but the wines are regular and consistent medal winners at some of South Africa’s most authoritative competitions,” says Diedericks. “Earthbound demonstrates that excellence doesn’t have to come at a price to the planet that we can’t afford to pay.”

In celebration of Earth Day, an additional owl post will be erected in the vineyards and the Distell CSI team will partner with an NGO in a tree planting drive.

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Earthbound is part ofDistell Luxury Brands, an extensive collection of superlative quality, award-winning wines from several boutique estates situated in and around the Cape Winelands.

This year, Earth Day sees the signing of an international landmark agreement on climate protection, which was adopted by 195 countries attending the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Issued by Paula Wilson Media Consulting for Distell Luxury Brands 

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