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Easy Anti-Fatigue Exercises


Exercise gives you the strength and energy to enjoy life. Furthermore, the flexibility you develop from stretching exercises gives you extra poise and grace.

So, take a few minutes in your day to soothe yourself and relax with exercises you enjoy.



Five anti-fatigue exercises

You can add the following exercises to your aerobic activity. The first three improve flexibility and the last two help with muscle strength development. You can start with 5 repetitions of each daily and slowly increase to 25. You must never strain to stretch or lift.

1. For lower back, hip joints and hamstring

Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you, toes up. Then lean forward from the hips (not waist) and place your hands on your legs as far as they can reach without strain. Pull your body forward til you feel a pull in your hamstring, lower back or hip joints. Hold for several minutes and release gently.

2. For the neck

You ca sit or stand for this one.Lower your chin toward your chest and hold for a few seconds. Then roll your headup and to the right till it’s above your left shoulder. Roll down to starting position and repeat.

3. For the shoulders

Sitting or standing, raise your arms high above head, clasp your hands together and lock your elbows so that your arms are squeezing your head. Then from the shoulders, bend as far to the right as comfortable, then to the left.

4. For the biceps and forearms

Stand erect, palms forward at your sides, holding in each hand a light dumbbell or brick or can of soup. Curl your hand to your shoulders then lower slowly to your sides.

5. For the triceps and shoulders

Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your shoulders. Raise your arms up to full length, then lower your shoulders.

These exercises form a great foundation for a long, healthy, energized life.


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