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Effectively Treat Insomnia with Cannabis Oil


Insomnia is a sleep condition that affects up to one third of adults. As you should know, sleep is crucial for the brain to rest and for your body to recharge itself.

If you suffer continuously from broken sleep, over a prolonged period of time, you will find that functioning normally becomes harder and harder. However, you can effectively treat insomnia with cannabis oil.


Why Cannabis Oil?

A person’s inability to sleep is generally a result of another condition where the symptom is insomnia. For example, if someone is suffering from cancer or fibromyalgia, the pain will keep them awake at night. Cannabis oil will not only treat the insomnia, but will also help to manage the symptoms of the underlying cause.

How does Cannabis Oil treat insomnia?

The human endocannabinoid system has long been understood to play a crucial part in helping regulate sleep patterns. Cannabis oils interact with the receptors in this system to bring relief from many maladies. So, if you have a malfunctioning endocannabinoid system, you most likely to suffer from bouts of insomnia. In this case, using cannabis oil which is rich in cannabinoids will be very effective in treating this condition. We are hearing about more and more positive medical discoveries into the amazing medicinal properties that cannabis oil can offer to treat numerous illnesses and ailments.

We have seen huge improvements from patients of ours who previously suffered from insomnia. They have been able to drop their prescription sleep medication which had terrible side-effects for the sole use of our cannabis oil as a sleep aid. A couple of drops at night will allow even the most serious insomnia sufferer to sink effortlessly into a deep, rewarding sleep. If you know of someone who really cannot sleep at night (a chronic sufferer of insomnia), please tell them to call us. We will happily give them advice and suggest a valuable product to restore the good night’s sleep they deserve.

If you would like like to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: info@liferetreat.co.za , or;

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