Exciting Goodies & Warmth At Our Studio This Month

Exciting Goodies at our studio

We are half way through May, and there is a beautiful crisp in the air. What excites me even more is that the chillier it is becoming, the more we are seeing the faces of our beautiful Studio Members.

It’s great to see you all coming in to warm up with Yoga, Nia, Zumba, Barre, Meditation, and all our juicy offerings! With the waning daylight hours we have more time to DIS-connect from our tech devices, and RE-connect with our loved ones… and the practices we feel enrich our lives. We here are the studio have some awesome things coming up for you in the next two weeks – including a FREE class… some amazing new teachers I am thrilled to introduce… a warming membership special… some important housekeeping… and a new class to heat things up!

Studio news

Sunday Classes

Thanks to Penny & Tanya for keeping us all warm and toasty this summer. Now that the grass is wet, Sunday Outdoor classes will be taking a nap until Spring time… HOWEVER, we are of course still running our normal 8:30 class in the studio come rain or shine

Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion Course

We are still offering our Yoga Teacher & Yoga Immersion course at the discounted rate for those of you reading this. Not sure? Join just for one module (three weekends in either June or July) and immerse yourself thee ancient teachings of ISHTA YOGA – taught by Certified YTF & IYF Accredited ISHTA Yoga Teacher Trainer, Ryan Edmonds. Click HERE for more info

Signing In

Please remember to pop your head into our Life Style Shop before coming upstairs to class – having accuate records of class attendance is so important to us… and also ensures we know your favourite classes, times and teachers

Winter Special

You won’t believe this! Ready? Breath in… to motive us all in winter, we are offering THREE MONTHS OF FULL STUDIO MEMBERSHIP for only R1,200!! (No jokes… just make sure you purchase your Winter Package before end of May. The special includes **only months JUNE-JULY-AUG** and is valid only if purchased by 31 May 2018).

View Full Class Schedule

Guardian Angel Workshop

Have you ever felt like someone was watching out for you … a little nudge, hint or sign, that gently pushed you in the right direction? Have you ever wanted to connect deeper with your Guardian Angel? Now you can re-kindle a lifelong friendship with your special Angels, and have some fun while doing it!

CLICK HERE for more info

Full Moon Angel Healing Circle

Come warm your heart with the Angels at Life Retreat Studio with the May Full Moon!

Learn an ancient mystical Angel Prayer for healing
Chant sacred Angel names to create a group healing current
Write your prayer petition to the Angels for full moon manifestation
 Relax and absorb the angelic healing energies.

CLICK HERE for more info



Whether you love a vigorous power class… get ripped with ballet-inspired movement… want to tone with barre body…Â enjoy a gentle Friday flow… or maybe you want to dabble with some ashtanga-inspired yoga – SAM & TESS’s CLASSES ARE FOR YOU!

Learn More



Winter is a perfect time to restore your body after all the action of the summer months. We have two perfect teachers to hold space and guide you into a nurturing restorative practice – Thursdays (Tess) & Friday Lunchtime (Penny – best way too start your weekend!)

These classes are great for injuries, low fitness, tiredness, people who feel heavy or lack motivation, or who havent moved in a long time – LET US HOLD A HEALING SPACE FOR YOU



Bring any friends along this week to our awesome Ballet Barre Body Conditioning Class – OR our Ballet Rip Class absolutely FREE! CLICK here for more info.

Totally Free Weekly Facebook Live Meditation

Let Ryan guide you every TUESDAY 11:30 for a totally free online guided Facebook meditation… Simply LIKE our facebook page LIFE RETREAT STUDIO, and log online from anywhere in the world to join in 🙂

I love time-out for me!

Download Our Very Own Meditation CD Now…

and enjoy a deeply guided relaxation right there in the comfort of your own home, office, or sacred space


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