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Exciting News: We’ve Launched A Mobile App

mobile app

The wait is over. Today, we hit the big red launch button to officially introduce the Life Retreat Studio App. We know time is scarce, so we made it as easy as possible for you to dramatically simplify your Life Retreat Studio experience.

Available today for download, simply find Life Retreat Studio and follow these steps:



Download Our App & Sign Up 

1. Download the App on either Apple or Google Play Store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store)

2. Once you have filled in the registration form you will be granted access to the application

3. To view pricing options, click on ‘Class Rates’. You can also tap the screen to redirect to our online shop for purchases.

4. Click on the ‘Buy Services’ tab and then tap the screen to be re-directed onto our online shop to make a purchase.

5. This app allows you to view the schedule, book individual or multiple classes and events, as well as keeps track of your attendance, your purchases and your account.

6. Should you have any queries just click the ‘Contact’ tab for our details or email studio@liferetreat.co.za for help

Sign Up Via The Life Retreat Website

1. Go to https://www.liferetreat.co.za/register-now/ to register (The registration form may take a few seconds to load)

2. Check your email from us or head on over to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/launch and type in LifeRetreat Studio in the search bar.

3. Click ‘Life Retreat Studio’ and type in your email address and password you used to sign up.

4. Click on the ‘Online Store’ tab and then click ‘Services’ beneath that.

5. To view our packages, click on ‘Group Classes’ or alternatively click one of the other tabs in which you would like to sign up for.

6. After adding your desired package, click checkout and you will receive all payment information via email.

7. Should you have any queries just click the ‘Contact’ tab for our details or email studio@liferetreat.co.za for help

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