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Can Those Expensive Gym Fees Really Help You Get Fit?

Do you enjoy going to the gym for that daily workout? Or are you someone who enjoys working out in the comfort of your own home? Whichever one you are, paying expensive gym fees can be the single best way to stick to your 2017 resolution of diet and exercise. Here’s why…

Lets start with home fitness routines

I like to work out at home. In fact, working out at home is great, but what about the days you walk past the couch and procrastinate? You flop down instead of walking the extra 10 steps towards that treadmill collecting dust in the corner. Hmmm, so when was the last time you actually used it? I thought so!

But don’t stress. There’s an easier way to stick to your fitness routine – Gym. In fact, experts now say that when you pay expensive club and gym membership fees, you’ll see yourself succeed in your fitness efforts.

Forking out money to exercise, can trick you into feeling guilty for “wasting” money if you don’t go

Let me explain… Imagine going to go to an all you can eat sushi night and instead have the free peanuts served and sit back. No. You paid for the all you can eat option, so you’ll be sick from overeating. Even if it involves having a snooze in your car before you drive home…
So, whether you’re paying R299 per month for that workout at the gym or R1,000 a month for a 12 times a week for Crossfit classes, it could actually make you will stick to your New Year’s Resolution. And, what I love about gym memberships is the fact that they hold you to 24 months contracts. You have to be sure you really want it.
Furthermore, your brain plays little tricks on you, telling you not to waste money. So, you guilt trip yourself into going because you don’t want to waste money on laziness. This is a real no-no even to the most dedicated couch potato.

Pay for a gym service if you’re battling to stick to your fitness routine

You’ll never know until you try. You could just be someone who really likes return on investment! Therefore, if you’re  really determined to stick to your fitness goals this year, try ‘paying’ the way to a fitter you.
Happy gyming!

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