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How To Fight Snoring

fight snoring

Snoring naturally occurs due to the relaxed state your throat moves into during sleep. However, severe snoring can cause insomnia, disrupt sleep patterns and lead to irritability. 

This happens in both the one lying awake because of the snoring and the snorer. But, before you give up on the fight against snoring, make sure you’ve taken the following steps:



Five ways to fight snoring

Lose weight

Carrying extra kilos can cause soft tissue to accumulate in your throat. It’s this tissue that blocks your air passages and leads to snoring.

Avoid alcohol ad tranquilizers

Anything that works as a sedative, such as alcohol and even most antihistamines, can cause your tissues to relax and can contribute to snoring.

Stop smoking

Most smokers tend to snore.

Avoid sleeping on your back

To prompt you to roll over to your side or stomach, sew a tennis ball into the back of your pyjama top.

Prop up the head of your bed

Elevating your head can help you breathe a little easier.Propping up the whole upper part of your bed works better than adding extra pillows. Pillow can cause you to bend your neck which closes the airways more and makes snoring worse.



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