Five Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha literally means “powdered tea.” When you drink Matcha, you drink the actual leaves, that were finely powdered and made into a solution. Therefore, you would be drinking a more potent source of nutrients than steeped green tea. What’s great about it is you can use it for lattes, smoothies, cooking and baking.

There are so many reasons why you should be taking Matcha tea but today I’ll give you five great reasons to enjoy a cup of Matcha Green Tea as part of your daily routine.

Five benefits of Matcha Tea


Matcha is loaded with natural antioxidants. 1 cup of Matcha can contain up to 137 times the amount of antioxidants (EGCG) compared to a “normal” cup of green tea.


Matcha contains high levels of thermogenic properties. Thus, boosts your metabolism and can increase your fat burn with up to 40%.



Matcha contains a powerful dose of chlorophyll that’s a super detoxifier capable of naturally eliminating
heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body.


Drinking Matcha on a regular basis have shown to reduce acne & improve skin health by produ-cing less sebum, minimising skin inflammation and boosting your immune system, giving you a healthy glow!

Get-Matcha is a perfect alternative to coffee for your daily energy boost as it contains the caffeine theophylline that gives a slower release of energy. Also, it eliminates the hypertension, nervousness & jitters induced by conventional coffees.



1 tsp Get-Matcha Powder
2 Tbl hot Water
3/4 cup hot Coconut Milk
2 tsp Honey (optional)

Sift the Matcha powder into a cup then add the hot water stirring continuously until no lumps remain.

Heat coconut milk in a saucepan set over a medium heat, whisking vigorously to create a frothy/ foamy texture.

Drizzle honey into your latte cup and pour in the hot coconut milk, holding back the foam with a spoon. Add your Get-Matcha tea to the coconut milk and top with remaining coconut froth.

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