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Five Amazing Uses For Tissue Oil

Tissue oil

We all know tissue oil as a stretch mark and scar remedy. But it’s actually a do-it-all savior that can leave you looking and feeling gorgeous from head to toe. 

It contains a natural blend of lavender, calendula and rosemary oils, chamomile extract and vitamins E and A.



The best uses for tissue Oil

1. On sunburns

Besides acting as a protective layer over skin to hold in moisture, the chamomile extract, calendula oil and rosemary oil further soothe and nurse scorched skin back to its glow. Rub it on sunburns to prevent peeling and sooth burned skin.

2. On dry skin

Massage some into your skin to moisturize dry spots like cracked elbows and heels. It works well on chapped lips and shaggy cuticles too! You can also add a few drops to your shampoo to reduce the flaking and itching.

3. In your bronzer

If you’re looking for a wet eye look, then this is the way to go. All you have to do is mix in just a drop for a dewy glow. Do the same with eyeshadow for a sheer, creamy finish.

The best tissue oil alternative

4. In your foundation

Add a tiny bit (mix the combo on the back of your hand) for a more natural look. Apply the bit to your face. And allow it to dry completely before applying foundation. It’s the perfect treatment for uneven skin tones and dry skin. The oil sheers out the foundation formula so it blends seamlessly into skin.

5. Before you shave

No razor bumps and burns. Smear Bio oil on as a pre-shave treatment to soften skin and prevent nicks.



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