Five Essential Tools You Should Have In Your Kitchen


It’s great to have a well-stocked kitchen. But if you’ve tried to buy kitchen tools for a new kitchen or even just attempted to improve the quality of tools in your kitchen, you’ve probably found yourself lured to the newest gadgets that promise to slice, dice and chop better. And before you know it your kitchen is full of gadgets you never use.

So, besides your grater, pots, forks, knives, spoons, plates and bowls, we’ve put together a few other items that can make your cooking experience pleasurable.

Condiment Holder

This is the dark wooden condiment holder. The basket is perfect for holding all of your sauces, cutlery, serviettes and more. It’s divided into three compartments, the holder is suitable in the home or indeed in a restaurant or food serving bar. It would look equally at home in the middle of the dining room table. The Trudeau insignia is inscribed into the upper part of the baguette board, ensuring the authenticity of the luxury brand. Click here to order yours.

Risoli Nylon Nylon Kitchen Spatula/Egg Lifter

Who doesn’t use or own a spatula? You probably do. However, it’s important to use a quality spatula because of the effect of heat on a poor quality one. Risoli Nylon Kitchen Spatula is available on our online store in black . Click here to order yours.

Bamboo & Glass Salad Set

Imagine a freshly served salad in this amazing glass bowl. Your kids will finally want to eat their veggies just after seeing them in the bowl. The glass bowl in a stand made from sustainable eco-friendly bamboo with bamboo salad servers. Click here to get yours.

Flat Stacks

The Flat Stacks container stack flat with their lids on, plus, each lid has a colour-coded steam valve that not only allows you to easily identify each container’s lid, but also allows steam to escape when opened and locks in odour and freshness when closed. Made from 100% food-grade silicon, the Flat Stacks are BPA-free and won’t absorb food odours and colours. They’re completely air-tight and come in a range of fashionable colours. What’s more, silicon is microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Now you can throw away all those annoying plastic containers that have been taking up more than their share of kitchen cupboard space. We are proud to introduce the collapsible silicon storage solution that is taking the world by storm. Click here to order yours.

Granito Hardstone Grillpan 26×26

The coating is more resistant and suited to high temperature cooking. The coating is PFOA and nickel free. The handle, is silicon and ergnomically designed. it’s 100% non-stick Granito hardstone. Click here to order yours.

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