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Five Great Ways To Save While You Shop

Save while you shop

If you think saving while you shop means buying the cheapest products, then think again. Sometimes, valuable things that cost a little more money do last much longer. But, how do you spend less while shopping so you won’t have to cut the things you can’t do without from your shopping list?

How do you make your pay cheque stretch as far as you’d like it to?  Well, you don’t have to feel anxious about your finances and cringe when it’s time to spend money. Here are six easy ways you can save.


How to spend less on shopping

1. We usually rush for sales only to pay for the cheapest item in the store, and not the cheapest one on offer. We then end up paying higher than usual prices on other items. An easy way to save money is to compare overall prices at different supermarkets.

2. Another great way to spend less on shopping is to plan ahead and avoid ‘top-up shopping’. You know those secondary supermarket trips where you pop in ‘just for milk and bread’ but then come out with R200-worth of items without thinking about it? Yes, those trips!

3. You can also save money by shopping house brands where quality of the product doesn’t differ much, such as toilet paper and rice.

4. You can spend less on essential food items if you plan meals and shop accordingly. Also, ensure you eat all leftovers the next day, frozen or turned into another meal.

5. Buying from wholesales in bulk isn’t always the best thing. Do you really save money and spend less in the long run? Is the product really cheaper in weight in a big pack and do you really need that much? These are important questions to ask to avoid buying more only to throw it away when it goes off.

6. If you shop from the same shop, you can save up to 10% when shopping by making use of shopper loyalty and rewards programmes.

When you consider that the cost of food has doubled in the last few years, usually any extra cash we pay while shopping isn’t going towards luxury items, but necessities. So, why not try and save so you can add a few luxuries to your shopping list.


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