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Five Interesting Benefits Of Exercise (It Has Nothing To Do With Weight loss)


Having a healthy weight is a good goal, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus especially when it comes to exercising. In fact, the numbers on the scale aren’t a reliable indicator of overall health.

According to recent studies, those who diet or exercise to lose weight usually quit a lot sooner than those who exercise for other reasons. So, here are five other interesting reasons to exercise besides weight loss.

1. It can help you resist temptation

There’s a reason why they call exercise a “runner’s high.” Whether its sugar or cigarette addiction, exercise plays a major role in helping you resist your addiction. Researchers found that you release an endorphin rush during exercise which also acts on the same neural pathways as some addictive substances.

2. It can protect your eyes

Most of us spend long hours staring at computers. In fact, you’re definitely staring at a screen right at this moment. Welcome to the eye-strain club! Research has found that one of the best ways to stave off age-related vision loss and protect your eyes is to have regular cardiovascular exercise.

3. It can add years to your life

Yes, it’s true! Those who work out regularly live longer. Research has shown time and time again that you can add up to seven years to your life if you exercise for at least 3 hrs a week. So, spare one hour a day, three times a week to live longer.

4. It adds life to your years

This one is even better. You won’t only live long but, those extra years will be happy ones. A study found that those who exercise feel more excited, happier and are more enthusiastic about life than their couch-potato peers. 

5. It boosts creativity

If you’re constantly getting hit writer’s block or you’re just looking for new ideas for that important meeting, then take a stroll around the block. A study found that walking improves both divergent and convergent thinking.  These are the two types of thinking associated with enhanced creativity.


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