Five Things To Look Out For When Shopping For Beauty Products

Beauty products

We all want to be pro’s at shopping beauty products. This is because most us fall for sneaky marketing ploys and get captivated by words that promise beautiful skin, without reading labels.

So, here are some handy tips on how to shop for all-natural beauty products that really are natural and in turn safe for your skin and environment.


Five important rules you must follow when you shopping for cosmetics

1. A super-long ingredient list is a cause for concerned

Not all the time but it often is. Good clean product only have three or four natural ingredients.

2. Be cautious of long ingredient names that you can’t pronounce

When a product is safe, it will list common names next to their scientific names. Aloe vera is a great example – the scientific name is Aloe barbadensis. When a product contains natural ingredients, it lists both names.

3. Always read the label from top to bottom

Companies generally list ingredients in order of quantity ie from the greatest to the least. So, if the first ingredients are chemicals and not natural ingredients, its best to leave the product on the shelf where it belongs. Furthermore, some ingredients with concentrations lower than 1% are usually listed in any order. The labels don’t indicate where low-concentration ingredients begin or high-concentration ingredients end.



4. Try to stay away when you can’t tell the difference between natural and synthetic

Some ingredients share the same name. thus there’s no distinction between what’s synthetically and naturally produced. This is usually because the same chemical can be derived synthetically or naturally. And this is very seldom stated on a product’s label.

5. Watch out for products that list “trade secret” as an ingredient

 A “trade secret” is a legal non-disclosure term allowing the manufacturer to protect any formula giving the product a competitive advantage. This is usually the case with fragrances and lipstick colours. In my opinion, this can be deceptive. Fragrances can contain hundreds of toxic chemicals that are under trade secret. On the other hand, naturally-derived fragrances don’t use parfum or perfume, but specific naming systems. If you want to avoid certain chemicals, remember that they can be present in undisclosed trade secret products.

I hope these tips help you become a smarter shopper.

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