Four Ways To Jazz Up Your Dinner Routine

I don’t like routines. Having the same ol’ salad and noodle soup at every other dinner drives me crazy. And, as much as we are creatures of habit, monotony can give you cold sweats.

This is the same with food. Without the inspiration to make something new, you find yourself in a dinner runt. Luckily, I have four great ideas that could help you.

1. Use a meal delivery service

When you’re super busy shopping for groceries and then cooking up a meal can be the last thing you feel like doing (I totally understand!). So why don’t you let someone else take care of all that for you?  There are local services like Daily Dish that do this.

With Daily Dish, you get to choose dishes that fit your dietary needs and taste preferences from a selection of recipes. They then take care of everything else, from shopping and recipe research, to portioning and temperature-controlled delivery. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

2. Try a new cooking technique using ingredients you’re already comfortable with

Don’t grill your chicken all the time. Pan-fry it on low-heat with a little bit of coconut oil. Also, try to always steam your veggies?  You can even sauté or roast them in the oven with a drizzle of avocado oil. Improve your own salad dressings by tossing a hint of garlic into the mix.  Feel free to mix up anything that’s growing tired and bland.

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3. Get recipes from a new place

If you’re anything like me, you source alot of your recipes from the Internet. While there’s nothing wrong with that (because there are loads of amazing recipes online!), it’s great to spice things up once in a while. Pick up a good ‘ol cookbook or magazine that resonates with you. Trust me… all you need is a slight nudge to spark some cooking inspiration, so looking at something super-fresh is always a great move!

4. Recreate that restaurant dish you keep going back for

Can’t get enough of that yummy salad bowl from your favourite local cafe? Love that hearty plant-based pasta from that takeaway spot you always order from? It’s time to mix things up and recreate the dish at home! It’s so simple to customise your favourite restaurant dish. All you’ve got to do is add in something that the original doesn’t have. It can be anything, from your favourite protein or vegetable, to a spice or sauce you’ve never tried.

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