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Four Yoga Poses For Your Next Long Flight

A long flight can force you to cramp your body into a small seat for numerous hours. This kind of travel can take a toll on the body.  So, if you fly frequently especially internationally, the best thing you can do to consider trying a few flight-friendly yoga poses to reverse some of the damaging effects of extended periods of sitting.

Why sitting is the new smoking

Low air pressure in the cabin can slow your circulation and set you up for blood clots, particularly in the legs or DVT. Sitting around doesn’t help — especially if you’re on birth control pills. The only thing that gets that blood from the lower body back up to the heart is muscle contraction.

Furthermore, sitting for long periods can lead to atrophy of large leg and gluteal muscles, where they weaken and waste away. If you don’t use them, you lose them! These large muscles are important for walking and for stabilising you.

Ferraghini Travel Bag

Here are four yoga poses to keep the blood flowing to your body and your mind, allowing you to arrive alert, loose-limbed and ready to roll.

1. Reach forward and place your hands on the chair in front of you. Inhale and bring your chest forward, exhale and curl your belly in. Repeat for 5 slow breaths.

2. Place your hands either side of your chair. Inhale, lift your shoulders slowly, exhale and lower slowly. Repeat 10 times. Add in some shoulder rolls if you’re still tight.

3. Balance your body on the chair with a straight spine. Raise one knee and place your hands underneath. Roll your ankle both ways x 10. Swap sides.

4. Sit straight in your chair. Cross your left ankle over the right knee. Gently press just above the left knee. Hold and breathe for 5 slow breaths. Swap sides.

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