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G.E.M. Homes for Senior Citizens Presents – Autumn Bonanza

senior citizensG.E.M. Homes for Senior Citizens, a Public Benefit Organisation in Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg, is hosting an ‘Autumn Bonanza’. This is to raise funds to enable them be able to continue accommodating members of the local community who have found themselves struggling to exist on the State old age pension.

Their shopping extravaganza, on Saturday 2 May, caters for shoppers who are looking for a variety of different unique items that they would not find anywhere else. Good quality but affordable items include, delightful hand crafted gifts, jewellery, plants, cosmetics, toys, clothing, and books; white elephant and pre-owned clothing stalls. There will also be a delicious delectable world of plenty of eats and drinks to choose from.

Doors Open 08:30. G.E.M. Homes, 99 Mendelssohn Road, Roosevelt Park,

Johannesburg. N.P.O. 001247 Contact: 011 782 3626 (O/H 8.30a.m. to 12p.m. Daily)

Why are senior citizens important?

Seniors are important because of their long accumulated knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
Seniors are important because, if given the opportunity, they have much to teach us.
Seniors are important because they can be helpful in our applying lessons of life, e.g. self esteem, self respect, self discipline.
Seniors are important because they offer a great deal of satisfaction and joy to be around them.
Seniors are important because of the practical experience they offer.
Seniors are important because they have so much to give, intangibly, to us.
Seniors are important because they have learned the lessons of humility.
Seniors are fun companions, when we learn how to be in their company.
Seniors know things we would never guess unless we ask.
Seniors can help us deal with disappointment and grief, illness and heartache.
Seniors know how important a sense of humor is.
Seniors, most of the time, know when to stop talking and sit down.

Please help our senior citizens by attending this event.


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