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Get Your Surf On , Get Your Sock On !

Fits like a glove , but worn in warm conditions…..
Yes , I am talking about my Surf Sock!

Hi you lovely folk.

Being a full time working woman and a part time surfer girl requires a lot of travel time trying to fit it all in. Which also requires the right equipment to travel with.
I have never been a a chunky surfboard bag person and the amount of melted wax on my car seats is getting a bit ridiculous. So I have been looking for a surfboard sock everywhere and came across this beautiful brand : Chill Winstan.

Their beautiful range comes in bursts of colours that you can mix and match according to your liking and the funky handmade stretchy material allows for manageable dressing.

Not to mention that I found a bunch of other cool products on the Chill Winstan shop and cannot wait to complete my range. Thank you chill Winstan for making my surf experience soooo pretty and  chilled!

Advice from a surfer girl :

Stay Warm 

Arrive warm! I live in my Ug boots. Sometimes it takes a bit of time sussing the waves out and chatting to mates. It often requires moving destinations if the conditions aren’t right too. Comfort and warmth is vital in order to enjoy the full experience. 

cape Town water is freezing – so a pool poncho to slip the wetsuit off after surf comes in handy too. (This way you don’t feel over exposed in the parking lot) 

Keep your Surf board out of the sun. Not only do you want to avoid further damage to bumps. You don’t want your wax melting and getting messy! This is hazardous – This is where your Surfboard sock comes in!

Practice in the water and out of the water. 

There are many aspects to surfing. Balance, fitness and the mental game. Learn to live a healthy life. Do daily exercises that improve your balance and meditate to become focused. 

Be patient and learn to laugh.

Surfing takes a long time to progress. I is extremely frustrating in the beginning , watching friends ride the waves while you spend your time nose diving. Not everyone has the luxury of spending time in the water every day , so you have to change your mind set and appreciate anytime you do get in the water. Understand that it takes time and be conscious of all the little things that you learn along the way! It is NOT about shredding the waves on the first day. This can take years. You have to learn to laugh along the way.

Take care of your skin and hair. 

A lot of time in the sun and sea can be damaging to our skin. I find Rubber Ducky Surf creme works the best. It does not give me breakouts and is completely water proof. 

As for my hair. I keep Moroccan Oil in my car. Apart from the fact that it smells so good you could eat it! Moroccan oil tames the frizz and treats the hair from breakage, leaving your salty beach hair looking lush! 


Get your surfboard sock here

Kerri-lee and her Chill Winstan

Kerri-lee and her Chill Winstan



Just Chilling Winstan



Chill Winstan


Chill Winstan Surf Sock and Beach Bag

Chill Winstan Surf Sock and Beach Bag


Get Your Surf On , Get Your Sock On ! – Life Retreat 


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    I agree surfing takes a while to really get the basics pinned down but its oh so rewarding


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    Too schweet will this fit my shlongboard?


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    Fits like a glove, and so beautiful #surfsock


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