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The two most damaging factors to our skin is the sun and chemicals. With that being said , i am constantly trying products that assist in reducing the damage and rather enhance the cell regeneration process. 

Being a surfer girl requires me to expose my skin to endless amount of time in the sun, therefore, i have noticed, over the years, that my PH balance is inconsistent and my blemish or freckles are getting increasingly worse.  


My skin regime and the benefits of going organic! 

The reason for me wanting to share the story of the Back2Nature products, is not only for the beautiful aromas and indulgent ingredients, but mainly because after two weeks of using them, i have noticed a significant difference. 

The Difference In My Skin

  • My skin texture has improved, pores minimized 
  • Blemishes have decreased to almost disappearing, apart from the few freckles on my nose, which can stay 😉
  • PH Balance is in check 
  • Reduced Oiliness
  • Reduces Redness 
  • Skin feels hydrated and glowing 

About Back 2 Nature 

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Preservatives 
  • Hand Made In Cape Town

About The Products 

Facewash: Gentle Detoxer & Exfoliater  



*Oatmeal, almond oil, *coconut oil, bentonite clay, *rooibos, *aloe vera, *vegetable glycerine, castor oil, *lavender, Vitamin E, *xanthan gum, & *tea tree oil… with a dash of love & gratitude towards nature.


Oatmeal is a soft, natural exfoliator and effectively absorbs and removes dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface. Bentonite clay is amazing for drawing out toxins in the skin, as well as softening and toning. Rooibos is rich in anti-oxidants, therefore an anti-aging agent, it is great for treating issues such as eczema and acne. The natural oils and extracts of coconut, almond, lavender, aloe vera and tea tree all have their own abundance of healing and rejuvenating properties to the skin.


Impurities, toxins in the skin, shrinks pores, acne & eczema

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Toner: Apple Cider & Tea Tree


*Raw apple cider vinegar, Newlands spring water, *tea tree & *lemon… with a dash of love & gratitude towards nature.


You can use once or twice a day on a cotton pad as a toner to cleanse the skin, followed by Facefood. 


The apple cider vinegar neutralizes the skins pH, helps clean out clogged pores and reduces scaring and pigmentation.  Aloe vera is soothing for the skin and helps to rebuild skin cells that have been damaged. This is the best combination for clearing blemished skin and acne.

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Facefood Moisturizer 


*Aloe vera, *jojoba, almond oil, *coconut oil, shea butter, non-gmo soy wax, vitamin E and *essential oils… with a dash of love & gratitude towards nature.


Use once or twice a day as an all day moisturizer. 


Jojoba & aloe vera both have amazing anti-bacterial properties and work well together as a paradoxical, which means it controls oil production and reduces bacterial infection. So this combination is great for acne, or for any unwanted visitors on your face. On top of this, the almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and essential oils all have their own miracle healing and nourishing powers. But for the most part, they are all rich in anti-oxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-aging effects and can reverse sun damage. The natural oils combination have a safe to say, SPF of 5. Can be used on all skin types.


Sun damage, pigmentation, acne, eczema, anti-aging, dry skin

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Surf Zinc


*Coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate oil, zinc oxide, non-gmo soy wax, *carob powder & Vitamin E… with a dash of love and gratitude towards nature.


Most sunscreens are extremely harmful to the oceans due to a variety of chemical ingredients in the products, however Back2Nature’s Surf Zinc contains no chemicals which may be harmful to the ocean. Ensuring you leave nothing but footprints & respect on our beach’s.

 Back 2 Nature Surf Zinc contains a variety of natural oils, minerals & waxes which provides an estimated natural SPF of +-50, however the Surf Zinc, does need to be applied at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied after being in the water for more than 1 hour.


Due to the natural waxes and non-nano zinc oxide in the Surf Zinc, it is water resistant for at least 1-2 hours, as long as you do not wipe the goodness off your skin.

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