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“It’s all Greek to Me…” – Words Yoga Teachers Use in Class

yoga teachers

Well, actually, the language of Yoga is mostly the beautiful ancient language called Sanskrit. Yoga teachers maintain the authenticity of our ancient teachings by retaining some of the original terms

This adds to the colourful history and beauty of a system aimed at cultivating health, wellbeing and deep inner peace. Often when a yogi is new to the wonderful world of Yoga, it may seem daunting hearing so many new terms.

Here are some basics to start you off…



The sound of the life, and the dance of the Universe. OM isn’t a word, it is a sound… and it centers the mind and helps us to focus on being present


A yoga pose or posture


Life energy; yogis aim to bring prana into their lives through good diet, positive living, meditation and slow, deep breathing


Yoga breathing exercises 


A greeting that honours the beauty and perfection reflected in another



SAVASANA (said Shuh-va-sa-na)

Everyone’s favourite pose; helps the body to assimilate and relax after a class, restores the mind to peaceful balance and helps move toxins out the body

There you have it.  A good beginner’s guide to words you’ll definitely hear “on the mat”.  Like any new friend, yoga takes time to get to know. However, like any life-affirming relationship, yoga gives you what you put in. 

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.


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