Your Gut Could Be Behind Your Thrush And Eczema

Your gut

There are trillions of friendly bacteria living in your gut. They do a lot of things ranging from boosting your immune system to maintaining your gut wall. However, when they are unhappy, your body lets you know.

You start to suffer from different ailments including asthma, thrush and eczema. But, if you manage your digestive health, you’ll start to see if your symptoms disappear.


How your digestive system causes ailments

When your gut is unhealthy, it absorbs large particles into your blood stream. Your body then sees these as foreign objects and launches an attack on them. This is the main cause of inflammation because your body starts to attack itself causing eczema, asthma and thrush. It’s also known as an autoimmune response. So, should you just accept this?

Two ways to improve your gut health

1. Stop excessive use of antibiotics: This is one of the biggest issues for intestinal flora. Antibiotics kill ALL the bacteria in your body, including the good types. The good bacteria don’t flourish and come back in full force if you’re constantly and excessively using antibiotics. So, if you really have to take antibiotics, ensure you’re taking probiotics with them as well as eating foods that help your gut instead of harm it.

2. Eat less processed foods and more probiotic types: If you want to heal your gut from the inside, you have to provide it with the best nourishment. Stop eating processed and sugary foods as they also cause inflammation and kill good bacteria. Try to eat foods like yoghurt, miso soup and sauerkraut that help the bacteria in your gut flourish.

The healthier your digestive system is, the healthier your immune system will be.

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