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The Harmful Effects of Ammonia in Hair Color

Are you a hair chameleon? Do you treat your hair like a science experiment? Well, you might want to slow down. This is because frequently changing your hair color can be fun but dyes with ammonia can come with harmful side effects.





What Exactly Is Ammonia?

If you’ve ever had to clean a set of windows or counter tops then you know what ammonia is. This chemical found in plastics, fertilizers, pesticides and explosives. Ammonia is put into hair color because it busts through the hair cuticle to deposit color. But what effect does this have on your hair and your health? Let’s take a close look…

The Effects Of Ammonia On Your Hair

Your body makes a protein called tyrosine that regulates the production of melanin (pigment that determines hair and skin color). Using ammonia in hair color destroys the tyrosine and therefore the hair’s natural ability to “hold” color.

Ammonia also damages the hair follicles causing your hair to thin overtime. Furthermore, it destroys the sebaceous glands which produce sebum, the hair’s natural moisturizer. This is why your hair becomes dry even after moisturizing. Because ammonia busts through the hair cuticle to deposit color, it damages the cuticle which sacrifices the hair’s structural integrity. We usually condition the hair to help temporarily close down the cuticle but,  this doesn’t repair the cuticle or restore the hairs structure.

The Effects Of Ammonia On Your Health

Daily exposure to ammonia causes pulmonary edema, high blood pressure and bronchitis and long-term exposure can lead to depression, obesity, and social anxiety disorder. Furthermore, exposure to ammonia fumes can damage your liver, kidneys, eyes and lungs. This is why those that suffer from asthma and allergies steer clear of ammonia products.

It’s important to wear gloves when using ammonia hydroxide because it can damage skin cells and dry the skin. This eventually causes serious skin complications. Now imagine the effect on your sculp.

How To Avoid Ammonia In Hair Dye

The only real way to avoid Ammonia in hair dye is to make sure the hair dye you are using doesn’t contain any of this type of chemical. Davines has just recently launched their new ranged called ‘A New Colour’.

The A New Colour is an Ammonia free colour cream enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong anti-oxidant action that is able to cover perfectly white hair, to lighten up to three levels, to darken and to change the reflex.

Where Can I Book To Have My Hair Done

Carlton Hair International offers Davines wide variety of the A New Colour. I go to Carlton Waterstone, however there are salons located all around South Africa, simply click HERE to find your closest one. 

Visit Carlton Hair at www.carltonhair.com 





Images: Hado Collection by the Carton Hair Creative Team



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