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WIN Physical/ Emotional Healing Course

emotional freedom


Win a 50% OFF voucher for one of the 2016 EFT Tapping courses in Cape Town, Knysna or Joburg. (Worth up to R1800)
There is a clinically proven way to naturally heal yourself, both physical and emotional, it’s known as EFT Tapping. Physical aspects like headaches, backache, PMS, morning sickness, side effects from chemo, or to improve your golf score. Emotional aspects like stress, anxiety, anger, depression, procrastination etc.

We are, and everything is, energy.  

Memories (the happy ones and the traumatic ones) are energy.
Beliefs (the empowering ones and the limiting ones) are energy.
Expectations (of success or doom), team harmony and conflict, financial wealth or poverty and business flow or struggle – it’s all energy.
Once you address issues where it matters, at source, at its root – which is what EFT does – then things can change. Until then, everything is pretty much window dressing.

When you change the energy, everything changes.

EFT helps you do that, and often very quickly.

Why attend an EFT Course?

Because you have, believe it or not, the innate ability to heal, no matter what the problem.  My EFT courses will show you how.

Have you been taught to …
get a prescription for yourself or your children at the first sign of discomfort?
suppress your emotions and force yourself to ‘get on with it’ even if you’re upset?
cover your emotional struggles and exhaustion with food, staying busy, or smoking or drinking?
It all comes down to your nervous system; what if there were a way to naturally stimulate it – without any products, lotions or potions – to release stress, disease and pain?

It is not always a ‘one size fits all’ silver bullet and all ailments do not always disappear in the first minute or the first session; for more serious issues it takes skill, practice and persistence. It is, however, natural, easy to learn and apply on yourself, and it often works where nothing else will.

If you believe that you, your mind and your body has an innate power to heal (as it does when you bruise or cut yourself) then EFT can help. Even if you’re not open to any of this alternative healing ‘mumbo jumbo’ but you are desperate because nothing you’ve tried has worked, then try EFT; many who do so out of desperation, find it helps.

Think about this… Emotional Healing & Physical Healing

Are you open to the idea of natural healing, i.e. that the body knows how to heal itself?
Can you imagine even just for a second that labels like ‘ADHD’ or ‘depression’ do not have to define you, or be a life sentence?
What if ‘conditions’ like dyslexia or asthma are not necessarily permanent or irreversible?
What if fears and phobias like the fear of heights or public speaking can be overcome without the use of willpower?
What if headaches, backaches and migraines can disappear quickly and without medicine
What if your whole world can start changing if you change your vibration by clearing out old disappointments, traumas and ‘stuff’?
Although the questions may sound hypothetical and ‘out there’, the results we routinely get with EFT aren’t.

Clinically proven to reduce the levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in your body, EFT provides relief for …

Physical aspects like headaches, backache, painful PMS, morning sickness, side effects from chemo or radiotherapy, or to improve your golf score
Emotional aspects like stress, anxiety, anger, depression, betrayal, fears and phobias, procrastination etc.
Spiritual aspects like feeling lost or ungrounded or meandering about life without purpose
Beliefs – changing beliefs that are keeping you stuck e.g. I’m not good enough
Trauma – releasing old past traumas like car accidents, the loss of a loved one or the sudden diagnoses of a serious disease
Children – helping them be happier and healthier and to overcome the effects of bullying, fear of the dark, bed-wetting and other insecurities

29-30 Sep: EFT Level 1 (MORE DETAILS HERE)
06-07 Oct: EFT Level 1 (MORE DETAILS HERE)
3 -4 Nov: EFT Level 1 (MORE DETAILS HERE)

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